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Posted 1213 days ago by popandbob
But for a taxi driver with 100+ km/year the fuel costs amount to a large sum, and a significant portion of the overall cost to run that car. If there's a new vehicle which could cut those costs and quickly pay for the investment through those savings, woudln't this be a smart move? Especially if our "taxi driver" is working on paying pack some debt? It would help him to pay back earlier, or to do whatever else he wants to spend money on. Saying "but the old car still works well" is not helping at all, if things could otherwise be significantly better.


But that taxi driver would have to spend money to upgrade the taxi and when he's in debt he can't afford to do that. Everyone is saying well stop driving, save the fuel your spending and use that to upgrade but by stopping driving he is now not able to get the desired result (taxi fares in this example).

So as it relates to msattler, everyone is saying saying stop the science being done (this being a project that wants results back very quickly...) and then save up and then buy new stuff that will produce the exact same results. Net result to the science? a loss of 6 months of work done.

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Posted 1214 days ago by popandbob
Guys lay off msattler. If he wants to continue as is then so be it.
What he has is working well (proven by the 928,000+ RAC here not including his seti RAC) even if it isn't as efficient as it could be. Some people (me included) don't like to upgrade when the current hardware is working just fine and producing good results.

Just because there are more efficient vehicles out there did you all run out and buy Prius (or equivalent) cars? I bet not. Older less fuel efficient vehicles are still used all over the world. Whats the difference?
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Posted 1294 days ago by popandbob
My GTX770 cards are generic Chinese imports.

There's your problem... they aren't actually GTX770's. Einstein is reporting they only have 128 cuda cores.
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Posted 1341 days ago by popandbob
The GTX980 does quite well in the Folding@home benchmarks.


Wow! Than it's possible that the GTX980's performance improvement over the GTX780Ti will be in the 25-45% range.

Well if I read the graph correct then its 6.2 and the 780Ti is 11.

Double precision performance is lower but SP which is most common for folding is higher.
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Posted 1351 days ago by popandbob
For the price of the GPU EC2 for 1 year I could build and power a new system for over a year.... Is it really worth it?
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Posted 1367 days ago by popandbob
I had a 460+650ti in a system and once I got it set up right (both monitors had to be on one card) it worked just fine...
The only thing I can suggest is I would try a clean driver re-install.
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Posted 1387 days ago by popandbob
I was using the older drivers for folding@home performance... Guess now I'm running here again I can update.
I always leave cpu core open for GPU... Also set GPUgrid to use that open core fully for better performance.
The 700 series gpu's are much better performance than the 600 series so I'm not overly surprised. The 650 and 750 also have a 128bit memory bus so it could be that slowing things down as well if its a big protein.
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Posted 1387 days ago by popandbob
I was running short units in 3 hours with the CMYBKIX tasks on my 650Ti so I thought I must be able to run the long units in under 24 hours... boy was I wrong! 35 hours in and only 79% finished. Whoops guess I learnt my lesson!
Back to short I go :)
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Posted 1387 days ago by popandbob
Sorry I thought I had replied but it appears as though I didn't.

Thanks for the answers,
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Posted 1407 days ago by popandbob
There would be a lot of connections but each connection would be a small amount of data. Its the same amount of data overall from what it sounds like... just sent over multiple connections. I'm not sure what the net result for server load would be though.


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