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Posted 14 days ago by popandbob
There would be a lot of connections but each connection would be a small amount of data. Its the same amount of data overall from what it sounds like... just sent over multiple connections. I'm not sure what the net result for server load would be though.

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Posted 19 days ago by popandbob
I see over at folding@home they are testing a new core that is a streaming core (it sends data to the server every frame instead of once per wu)

I was curious if gpugrid was looking at doing a similar thing? It sounds like it has multiple advantages - all usable GPU's can be used without worrying about it being too slow (since data gets returned much quicker), don't need to worry about waiting for wu's to timeout if lost/person quit, no deadlines to worry about for slower GPU's.... There may be many more but those are the ones I know about.

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Posted 408 days ago by popandbob
I'm having the same issue... Was this ever fixed?
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload suspended - no new tasks (Message 16034)
Posted 1585 days ago by popandbob
Judging by this line here:
28/03/2010 17:55:04 Resuming network activity

It appears as if network activity was suspended.
That would be the source of the trouble.
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Posted 1801 days ago by popandbob
Not true. He is trying to sell you more than you need.
Its more likely that your CPU will be the bottleneck for high end games (once you get new vid cards)
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Posted 1820 days ago by popandbob
In GPU grid the memory doesn't increase performance much at all... Maybe 5% increase in speed if that.

Lowering the memory clocks does reduce power usage. How else would the power saving 2D clocks work if it didn't use less power at lower clock rates?

The biggest changing factor in performance will always be the number of shaders and their speed followed by the core speed.

7) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Nvidia 190.38, Cuda 2.3 (Message 11412)
Posted 1828 days ago by popandbob
'precision' tool from evga is that you can test a speed and it will say "*DRIVER* has passed speed check"

This test only finds out if the GPU can handle the Overclock.
It doesn't test for the actual stability.
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : 1 Task Only! (Message 11411)
Posted 1828 days ago by popandbob
Is multi-gpu mode turned on in the nvidia control panel?

9) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : CUDA2.2 Windows 185.xx UPDATED (Message 11319)
Posted 1830 days ago by popandbob
The guys over at Seti are reporting about a 30% speedup on some work units when using cuda 2.3 DLL's and 190.38 driver.

On high end cards the speed up is between 1.8x and 2.8x the speed.
This is due to improvements in FFT though and it appears as though GPU grid doesn't use FFT's.

10) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Nvidia 190.38, Cuda 2.3 (Message 11318)
Posted 1830 days ago by popandbob
Jet, Did you install the 190.38 drivers on the second card as well?
The best way to make sure the drivers are installed on both cards is to update drivers via device manager.

zpm, No need to install the toolkit unless your developing a GPU app.


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