Our volunteers, the crunchers.

Hall of Fame

Users »

1 GPUGRID Role account 10,569,773
2 RaymondFO* 5,786,738
3 Retvari Zoltan* 4,431,547
4 HA-SOFT, s.r.o. 3,985,939
5 Herb 3,715,122
6 Rick A. Sponholz 3,672,295
7 Eagle07 3,646,289
8 Chris Scheibner* 3,014,691
9 Nikke 2,731,151
10 Stoneageman 2,569,198

Hosts »

1 Nikke 2,731,149.84
2 Eagle07 1,867,563.67
3Anonymous 1,781,431.34
4Anonymous 1,732,058.05
5Anonymous 1,678,027.74
6 petebe 1,575,779.93
7 Venec 1,560,886.07
8Anonymous 1,550,695.93
9 Retvari Zoltan* 1,403,026.86
10 neilp62 1,354,374.01

Teams »

1 Sicituradastra. 16,486,405
2 UK BOINC Team 11,790,292
3 Czech National Team 11,770,479
4 USA 7,640,704
5 XtremeSystems 7,583,153
7 [H]ard|OCP 7,006,203
8 BOINC.Italy 5,077,017
9 The Knights Who Say Ni! 4,675,312
10 L'Alliance Francophone 4,579,547

Recognition Badges

Donor badge

donor badge

The donor badge is received upon donation to GPUGRID. To donate, please go here. Thanks.

Scientific publications badges

Publication badges reward the user for his/her relative contribution on the scientific publications of the project scientists. These badges are cumulative and given only after a work is published. They are linked to the publications and their broader scientific topics. Contribution percentiles are indicated in brackets.

Plastic (100%)Ruby (Top 25%)
Bronze (Top 90%)Emerald (Top 10%)
Silver (Top 75%)Sapphire (Top 1%)
Gold (Top 50%)

Level badges

The 'level badge' depends on the Total Credits. Badges represent, at an atomic resolution, the 20 natural amino acids encoded in the universal genetic code. The atoms are color-coded grey for carbon, white for hydrogen, red for oxygen, blue for nitrogen and yellow for sulfur. Amino acids are ordered according to their molar mass. The heavier the amino acid is, the higher the level of the badge. Credit milestones are indicated in brackets.

Glycine (0.5M)

Alanine (1M)

Serine (5M)

Proline (10M)

Valine (25M)

Threonine (50M)

Cysteine (100M)

Isoleucine (150M)

Leucine (200M)

Asparagine (250M)

Aspartic Acid (300M)

Glutamine (400M)

Lysine (500M)

Glutamic Acid (750M)

Methionine (1B*)

Histidine (1.5B*)

Phenilalanine (2B*)

Arginine (3B*)

Tyrosine (5B*)

Tryptophan (10B*)

*1B = 1,000M