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Message 54706 - Posted: 15 May 2020 | 14:41:21 UTC

Well here we are zeroed out again. GPUGRID has gone through almost 300,000 work units in less then a month. The whole of GPUGRID is up to almost 3 Gigaflops . Now that is amazing. The shut down of work on SETI has really changed what everyone is doing. We had 200 some odd people joining yesterday alone. Running out of work is going to be the normal situation if this keeps up. Looks like some new research needs to be opened up to distributed computing. That way we all can still be "employed" .

Hope everyone is well. I'm basically locked down as I have severe heart disease. Since 40 years old, I'm now 67 , I've had 7 known heart attacks and 25 angioplasties. I have to be very careful as I nor my Cardiologist think I would make it if I caught the severe version of the Corona-19 virus. Take care all.

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Message boards : U.S.Air Force message board : Zeroed out again