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DescriptionSupercell, a game developer that operates through a virtual studio (members are spread in various countries), a few days ago launched a Kickstarter project called Clash Royale of Fire & Steel. Boomzap Entertainment was known through various games Hopa (hidden object puzzle adventure) published by Big Fish Games. Lately, they expanded with the entry into mobile gaming. Clash Royale of Fire & Steel is a turn-based strategy game that invites you to master region by region, like Rise of Nations campaign mode or civilizations. Entertainment Boomzap themselves say they want to make a great strategy games like Civilization, Warcraft III, or Heroes of Might and Magic, but the playing time is shorter and simple controls such as Risk, Lux, or FTL. Based on the trailer that I have seen and the games I've played, Clash Royale of Fire & Steel feels like Heroes of Might and Magic gameplay more simple. You will control the troops led by a hero, like in Heroes game. However, troops traveling from one area to another and simplified battle system (at least graphically). You can choose one of three races, namely Human, Fae, and Revenant. clash royale hack cheats tool Each race has its strengths and distinctive characteristics of each. The third race was covered by a story, in which opposing each other and trying to dominate each region. One interesting thing of Supercell Entertainment is there are two Indonesian men who co-developed Clash Royale of Fire & Steel, ie Shiro and Pineapple. Entertainment Boomzap itself has members from different countries, mainly from Southeast Asia.
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