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DescriptionFor the past five years I have experienced an extraordinary increase in making use of glass tile mosaics in property and industrial applications. Similar to many other luxury, popular items, cheaper knock-offs have actually rapidly flooded the marketplace. Unwary customers buy these attractive-looking, affordable tiles just to end up being annoyed months later when they learn the financial investment in their home is not only useless, however likewise costly. When a glass tile setup or product fails, property owners are entrusted expensive tear-outs and repair works.
To the end user and many untrained specialists, the quality differences may seem refined, but these distinctions have a major influence on the final appearance and toughness of the project. I am amazed at the variety of tile contractors who assert to be experts in glass tile setups, yet can not even tell the right direction the tile must be set up! Some contractors will not admit they are unskilled and untrained at this specialty and set up the tile upside down due to the fact that they have never ever dealt with "paper dealt with material". They later on call to grumble that tiles are falling out and have glass flaws. So, the very first guideline is to guarantee the person who is installing your glass tile has actually gone to a glass tile setting seminar such as those offered by Bisazza or Oceanside Glasstile or otherwise demonstrated glass tile installation competency. Many quality makers sponsor minimum of two-day workshops to make sure a finished appearance that will last decades rather than months. A Phoenix, Arizona based business just recently conducted two-day seminars, bringing Alex Arcaro of Bisazza to their Scottsdale display room to teach contractors the fine art of glass tile setup.
The advantage of a "paper faced glass tile" is that it allows for an effective approach of installation and is utilized by quality glass tile producers. When installing a paper dealt with material, 100 % of the glass tile is bonded to the substrate which has significant positive aspects particularly if it is being used in damp location applications. Consumers have to think about that many mesh backed material usage poor quality glue to bond the tile to the mesh. When the mesh side is installed to the surface, the mesh serves as a barrier in between the tile and substrate. If the glue subsequently breaks down or the bond fails, the tile can then quickly loosen up and fall out because little of the tile surface area is in fact bonded to the substrate. This failure can begin practically right away or can use up to a couple of years, after all installation guarantees have actually ended. With Chinese produced glass tile, my experience has revealed the glue utilized to bond the tile to the mesh is lower in quality than the glue utilized in greater quality items produced in Europe or quality United States manufacturers.
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Typically glass tiles are translucent in appearance and any flaw in either the setting application or the thinset is magnified. Whichever tile is being set up, the substrate needs to be completely smooth utilizing the manufacturer's suggested setting products and following their guidelines precisely as composed. Any "waves or grooves" in setting product are noticeable which is another factor a consumer needs to work with a professional trained in glass tile setup.
Another significant quality difference in between glass tiles remains in the quality of the glass utilized during production. Oceanside Glass is popular for using recycled bottles in its production and supplies customers with a guide of how much post-consumer recycled material are utilized in their production and can aid with LEED accreditation. Furthermore, their state-of-the-art devices for precision processing in batching, changing furnaces and cooling molten glass is innovative. Their craftsmen work the glass by hand to change each tile into a piece as unique as a snowflake. Bisazza glass tile utilizes the highest quality active ingredients and regularly works to enhance the production procedure to result in more powerful materials with more vibrant colors. Faster ways in production and compromises with products lead to a finished item doing not have perfectly squared edges, color quality, and strength. To the untrained eye, the item may look comparable in display screen, but it remains in reality incredibly inferior.
Quality manufacturers of glass tile may likewise apply a bevel to each of their tiles to allow for more level and constant surfaces throughout installation. According to Wes Wayland of Bisazza USA, "It offers a client the capability to attired curved surface areas, both concave and convex, and to form clean inside and outside corners with more ease and a finished appearance. This likewise provides them the ability to produce mosaics on furnishings, walls, ceilings, swimming pools, even cladding of entire structures with unique designs". Glass tile isn't really JUST for the restroom any longer. Bisazza wants consumers and designers to think outside the box and are providing prefabricated mosaic patterns and designs planned to cover big, vertical surface areas as wallpaper would and that are perfectly fit for the bed room - living room - board space - foyer - etc. Quality mosaics offer the customers, designers, and architects, few, if any limitations on their visions. Practically anything can be designed and made from quality glass tile consisting of furnishings.
The best tip when thinking about glass tile is a customer must always talk to an authorized distributor regarding the tile's viability for the meant usage. Authorized distributors spend an enormous amount of time educating their employees and they constantly understand who to get in touch with for setup related concerns. Please call your distributor for a list of installers who have actually completed official training.
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