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DescriptionVisual equals participating in today's events. Is your occasion visual enough for your attendees?
Human beings are visual creatures. We like to see images, and videos more than text. According to a research study done by Flimp, videos engage between 400 % to 700 % more than plain text.
If you are thinking of ways to engage your visitors during your event, you should utilise our Live Photo Feed service wherein photos taken at the event get revealed immediately onto a real time feed.
Exactly what is Live Photo Feed
Our Live Photo Feed service will establish pictures from your guests through a variety of methods (see below), and after that get them forecasted immediately onto a fully custom-made developed gallery.
How It Works?
Our system will get images provided by your visitors via any of the below source
Our system will acquire and show Instagram pictures published to a public Instagram account tagged to your hashtag
This remains in essence similar to our Instagram Live Feed service
Your visitors can WhatsApp their image to us
Mobile website
Your guests can visit our mobile site (m.instantly.sg) and publish their image to us
Your guests can email their photo to us
Your visitors can send a MMS of their photo to us
Pictures established from the service can be streamed up into the gallery as well if you engage us in any one of our four immediate print service
Live Instagram Printing
Picture Booth
Roaming Photography
Mobile phone Instant Print
Pictures established from these different mediums will then be projected onto a completely customized developed gallery. As new photos can be found in, the gallery will automatically update and stream in these new photos in real time. Note that due to the fact that we are establishing numerous pictures from different guests sent out to us through different means, we will need to standardise, modify and resize the pictures appropriately before they can appear on the customized designed gallery.
Completely custom-made developed gallery
Everything from the gallery background, to the font, to the text and so on can all be customised to your preference
Include your brand or event logo on the gallery
Choose from over 10 different animation options
Animation will applies to the numerous photos when a brand-new Instagram image is detected
Quickly display the gallery on any screen or screen
The gallery can be accessed by going to a web link on an Internet internet browser (preferably Google Chrome).
As long as there is a laptop connected to a projection medium, the gallery can be displayed.
Add- photobooth singapore .
Provision of display/ projector/ display screen.
Inclusion of Live SMS feed where any sms message SMS-ed to a specific telephone number will be displayed genuine time on the gallery.
Visual home entertainment for your guests.
Engage your visitors by motivating them to share pictures (taken by them) from their viewpoints to other visitors.
Ever because the very first image booth service got in Singapore years back, the Singapore photobooth industry has actually revolved and the picture booth rental business has been flourishing ever since. Till date, having a picture booth at an event is an extremely common sight nowadays and it had sort of ended up being an obligatory act to include an image booth at an event in Singapore.
Compared to our other instant print services, our picture booth rental service offers the greatest home entertainment value. With a good photobooth backdrop coupled with all our goofy photo booth props, its the best way for your visitors to break the ice, mingle, and have fun. At most of the events we've been to, our photobooth is always the primary crowd puller.
What's so different about our image booth service you may ask. For a start, we constructed our whole image booth platform from the ground up. As such, we have the ability to personalize our picture booth system and architecture, so that the entire picture booth experience is expert, special and completely customized to your occasion and its marketing requirements (through the usage of our marketing tools). In added, we have professional in-house designers who can develop personalised photo booth props, backdrop and also printout design accommodated your event.
Till date, we've offered our photobooth service for more than numerous events, varying from birthday celebrations, weddings to huge corporate events.
As new photos come in, instantly.sg photo booth singapore will automatically update and stream in these brand-new images in real time. Keep in mind that since we are establishing different images from various visitors sent to us by means of different methods, we will have to standardise, edit and resize the pictures accordingly prior to they can appear on the customized created gallery.
Compared to our other instant print services, our picture booth rental service offers the greatest entertainment value. We are able to customise our picture booth system and architecture, so that the entire image booth experience is professional, unique and completely customized to your occasion and its marketing requirements (through the use of our marketing devices). In additional, we have expert internal designers who can create customised photo booth props, backdrop and likewise hard copy design catered to your event.
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