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Descriptionhappy birthday images cats A period of 6 months is granted by the health insurance funds for the recovery of a burnout syndrome. In most cases, those affected need much longer, sometimes even several years. In all cases, burnout means paying more attention to itself and learning the balance between stress and regeneration. Basically it is from now on a permanent learning process. In the case of permanent disregard and disregard of the necessary behavioral change, the risk of a relapse is very great and is demonstrated in practice. According to the health insurance, one-third of those treated for mental illness suffer a relapse within the first two years after discharge.

Tim: What are the biggest hurdles in fighting the disease? Are there points where clients often fail?

Stefanie: The biggest hurdle lies in the client itself. As soon as the battery is recharged, many fall into their old behavior pattern. It is not uncommon for burnout sufferers to get involved in the healing process. In addition, the environment was not integrated accordingly. Again and again, the patient's old behavior is expected, but this happy birthday images for her has changed during the recovery phase. Often there is now an indirect "struggle", which in turn requires a lot of energy - namely, to remain faithful to itself and to live the new learned and to resist the temptation to take over the old pattern of power of habit. happy birthday images cats.

Tim: How can you protect yourself best from a burnout? Are there any tricks or special exercises? Or can one protect oneself only by means of radical changes of life, for example by a termination?

Stefanie: A very important factor for this is:

Satisfaction with your own life!

A termination can protect you. However, we know that professional as well as private factors as well as their own personality in this area. More effective is to consider the following: happy birthday images cats.

Create a balance to work Set limits and also comply with them Free spaces and time-outs

Recovery phases are indispensable Maintaining social contacts

Exercise - exercise Practice regularly in mindfulness

Healthy, balanced and regular diet Time for hobbies

Listen to warnings from family and friends - outsiders are more likely to recognize whether someone is just living for work and risking his work-life balance happy birthday images cats.
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