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DescriptionIontophoresis remedy for excessive sweating can be effective in up to 80% of cases. It is so effective that significantly less than 1% of our patients finish up returning their machine. If you apply this step by step method utilizing your own homemade iontophoresis machine each day for 5 days straight, you must see a dramatic reduce in the sweating of your hands or feet. Your dermatologist or podiatrist can recommend the most appropriate therapy for your situation, which might often be Iontophoresis - it really is basic, inexpensive, and powerful. There are three other versions of this iontophoresis machine sold by the company. The International Hyperhidrosis Society has a sample Letter of Medical Necessity” discovered right here We suggest that you forward this to your prescribing medical professional, if you'd like to seek reimbursement for the expense of your unit. Hi, I have had amazing final results from employing the Idromed and the Hidrex iontophoresis machines.
Please leave a comment if you think any other iontophoresis device ought to have created this list, or send me an email Ideally, I will want to construct a list of all accessible alternatives so that hyperhidrosis patients can take an informed selection about which iontophoresis machine to get.
The Youtube video linked to above is really thorough and effectively explained if you want more ideas on setting up a house iontophoresis 'machine'. Not only that, if something breaks in the 1st two years, the machine will be covered by a 2-year warranty. Our machines are more high-priced, even so, comparing the Hidrex PSP 1000 or the Hidrex DVP 1000 Iontophresis Machine to the Drionic is like comparing an i-Telephone to a rotary phone.
I was a bit nervous about potentially electrocuting myself once my feet have been in the trays (because this machine is powered by way of the wall outlet and not by way of a standalone battery), but decided to go ahead and try it out soon after possibly a day of hesitation!
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