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DescriptionKITCO Fiber Optics is a top provider of fiber optic connectorization goods and consulting solutions to the military and commercial communications industry. The goals of this page are to alert folks to the identified relevant facts, to clarify why I believe that that a prudent investor does not at the moment have sufficient information to safely invest in the Kitco Pool, and for Kitco Pool buyers to request the essential data from Kitco.
KITCO reviewed think that one particular of the primary factors it became quite well-liked is that Kitco claimed that it was one hundred% backed by physical precious metals, that have been not component of Kitco's assets, belonging totally to Kitco's clients who are Pool holders.
No prudent investor would invest in an unallocated account (such as the Kitco Pool) alternatively of an allocated account, unless the advantages (such as low charges) outweighed the drawbacks (usually the concern of loss of money in the event of a bankruptcy).
Metals firm Heraeus at one particular point attempted to hold $1.8M of Kitco Pool inventory, claiming they had been entitled to hold it as collateral when Kitco owed them cash but did not have the liquidity to pay them (Kitco did contest this try).
In July, 2014 when I asked the CCAA monitor some queries, they referred me to the documents I had currently reviewed (CCAA documents and the Kitco website), and then chose not to comment when I said that I felt the details allowed the Kitco Pool to not be one hundred% backed by metal.
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