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Eager to seize on the buzz from the launch of a new smartphone or tablet - be it an Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry or other brands - accessories makers waste no time in trying to take advantage of that buzz.

There are slight improvement have to be done in the iphone 5 but still more efforts would be done for increasing its battery life, speed and camera. In addition to this by this autumn the company would go to launch a novel ipad in October and the coming up iphone during spring. Secondly Apple has plans for formulating Apple TV or Apple iTV. According to the company Apple Watch band that TV is the only device and is an area of interest. When anyone enters their living room the first thing he does that he switch on the TV. So Tim Cook wants to come forward with TV but not compulsory also.

Neither of these are options that Apple is likely to undertake. You simply do not amass $100 billion or so to give it back. Instead, Apple will likely continue to use the cash to guarantee they have the best suppliers offering Apple the best hardware -- such as flash memory, for example -- at the best prices. In this way, Apple is not only guaranteed to have all the components they need, no matter how many iPhones or iPads they sell, for example. They also affords them the ability to source in such large quantities that competitors cannot possibly match Apple in either price or availability.

The elegant handsets launched by this company are supported by some of the user friendly accessories which hold the power to amplify the feature of this handset. The apple watch bands which are present for these handsets are capable to provide an excellent resistivity for the cell phones. These accessories can offer an excellent support and help you to enhance the functions of your handset which is dearly loved by you.

The new camera sports 1080p video as well, and image stabilization, which could make it the first camera phone with image stabilization and noise reduction. Of course, it all depends on real world testing, which will come quite soon.

The update of the iPad's screen is the most exciting and can be achieved prediction before the new iPad comes out. 2048*1536 resolution makes the new iPad's PPI reaching 264. Though it does not reach iPhone 4S's 330, Apple already calls it Retina. The higher resolution can bring more friendly user experience and more functions, such as the iPhoto in the conference. The most direct feeling is the visual experience.
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