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Greg _BE
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Message 58653 - Posted: 15 Apr 2022 | 16:44:43 UTC
Last modified: 15 Apr 2022 | 16:51:27 UTC

Python 4 named: e2a18-ABOU_rnd_ppod_avoid_cnn_4-0-1-RND3898_0
First of all, BOINC is nuts!
198 days plus 9 hours That's not even possible!
Maybe that will change later?


Name e2a18-ABOU_rnd_ppod_avoid_cnn_4-0-1-RND3898_0

Application Python apps for GPU hosts 4.03 (cuda1131)
Workunit name e2a18-ABOU_rnd_ppod_avoid_cnn_4-0-1-RND3898
State Running
Received 4/15/2022 12:06:46 PM
Report deadline 4/20/2022 12:06:46 PM
Estimated app speed 53.74 GFLOPs/sec
Estimated task size 1,000,000,000 GFLOPs
Resources 0.987 CPUs + 1 NVIDIA GPU (GTX 1050)
CPU time at last checkpoint 06:44:35
CPU time 06:47:39
Elapsed time 06:05:04
Estimated time remaining 198d,09:49:25
Fraction done 7.880%
Virtual memory size 7,230.02 MB
Working set size 2,057.87 MB

For 6 hrs run time, I do not see any checkpoint info in STDERR file.
Just all the extracts and run command.

Is this normal?
This version of Python is nothing like Rosettas Python tasks.
I suppose you can not compare the two since one is CPU and this GPU?
And python is just the programing language?

But biggest issue/question is this 198 days thing...I have never ever seen that on a task.

**NOTE: ABORTED. Time left goes up and down 1 second and has not changed in the time I have taken to write this post**

Progress stuck at 7.8% and never moved.

Keith Myers
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Message 58654 - Posted: 15 Apr 2022 | 19:53:02 UTC

Do not believe the estimated remaining time. The task parameters are not configured accurately to depict the actual progress or the time remaining.

Please read the Python on GPU thread topic.

If you let the task run it will complete before the task deadline date.

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Message boards : Number crunching : 4.03 Python question