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Message 713 - Posted: 7 Jan 2008 | 12:51:32 UTC
Last modified: 2 Apr 2008 | 11:38:27 UTC

Please read some of the thread titles or use the search function located at the top of the forum page or advanced search before starting new threads.

Quite often the subject is already there and quite possibly the answer.

There are too many duplicate threads being created for the same subject.

By keeping all the posts related to one subject in the same thread, it will help all users more easily follow the discussion and find the answer. It also makes it easier for the project developer to know about or follow along a particular problem and may help in getting it fixed faster.

Another important reason for re-using the same thread for the same problem, is that the developer can be subscribed to the thread to get an email when someone posts to it, this way he can be notified faster than having to constantly check the forum, an example is the \'no work from project\' issue, which can re-occur once in while. I also subscribe to that so I can help look into any re-occurrence s more quickly. When a new thread is started, no one is automatically subscribed and it could be many hours or sometimes days before it gets read.

Please keep thread on topic. Think of how confusing it would be if all the posts in this entire forum were in one thread. By having separate threads by subject, it makes it much easier to follow that subject.

I found 8-12 threads covering the same subject of \"No new work from project ?\", which I merged most all into one which is in the web site forum where problems should be reported involving the web site or server issues.

Note also there is on the front page an email address contact that can be used in the event the forum is not working or you cannot post do to a problem with your account.

You may also if needed use my teams\' forum. Guests may post in the guest book without creating an account. Since I am admin and moderator there, I check that message board frequently. Follow link in my profile by clicking my profile icon to the left of this message.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Message boards : Number crunching : Posting and forum guidelines