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Posted 791 days ago by ATF
While what im about to do is probably highly annoying to most, lol, including myself which is why I dont mess with it, theres only like 10 actual options available when overclocking my board. I am more leaneant with overclocking my memory, or possible memory controller, because if you have quality ram it will work alot more often than not, which is why I thought alot of my overclocks failed. But hold my beer and watch this:

The first and most apparent is the DRAM Voltage it is at 1.5 and goes up to 1.7, but I dont think this is what you mean, and I always stay away from it personally because I know old i7's probably first generation, you could actually damage the chip if you went past 1.5

The Integrated Memory Controller, this is what I think you mean, but its not all that clear because it says it controlls PCIe and L3 cache while making no mention of ram.

Before I simply list the other voltages, I will say that when overclocking I just put them to the max because they only went about .100 over what was set by the factory anyways, which was far under what alot of people were setting things such as vcore to. So here they are;

Cpu I/O Analog
Cpu I/O Digital
Cpu VRIN External Override
CPU Vcore
CPU Graphics voltage

and thats all folks! I know its a chore to overclock being I personally have to google what they all mean, but im just going for the ram and thats about it. So if you see the one that needs the voltage you can make it short and sweet. I know this is gpugrid, but rosetta was at like 72 percent ram usage within 4 hours of it being on. Dont think alot of people could really withstand that. One more question I would like to ask is that when I go in to overclock the cpu I can raise the gpu on the integrated graphics from 1200 all the way up to 4000 mhz... not really sure where to begin with a x4 boost but ya know if you know, or not whatever. Thanks, peace~~!
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Posted 791 days ago by ATF
i got it, give me one second while I see how many volts my memory controller can take, if I can find it as technical jargon confuses me, alot of it changes and becomes useless with newer chips, plus this board I dont think was made for overclocking like asus would be.
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Posted 791 days ago by ATF
Aw rats on the 16 gig chip. I wanted that because while it might still work, the friggin button for my ram 1 slot broke off, so ya know, tryin to keep it all in one peice if possible. The voltage thing kinda confused me tho, I mean I have indeed tried overclocking my mobo, and it just doesnt do a very good job (tho I did have some success with oc'ing the turbo), plus I simply dont like to as any slowness I find on my system I immediately contribute to the overclock, if you catch my drift. That being said would faster ram still at least run on my motherboard without the overvoltage? Any recommendations or limits as in mhz roofs? Ram is exceedly cheap right now, you can get 8 gigs for 30 bucks. The current ram in my system went from 40 dollars for 4 gigs to 20 last month, but thats still to much as I dont think amazon specializes in computers. Its about time for a ram upgrade I would say. Thanks Zoltan your the best! I also like your format btw.
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Posted 791 days ago by ATF
Yea, Im not totally convinced leaving a computer on for a month at a time is for me, but at least it gives me some perspective. I do have only 12 gigs ram, and its not the greatest either which I have found makes a profound difference. But besides that I do look to upgrade to a possible 32 gigs in each computer. Right now I have a tech ticket open on my gigabyte mobo site about if my H97M-D3H will support possible 16 gig sticks, as well as I know it wont utilize the speed, but if I could install faster ram, possibly not stress the ram as much, plus I dont think they make 1600 mhz 16 gig sticks. But these days I am focusing on decking my computers out as I go instead of immediately building a new computer. I did want to say all my points were made on 570s, back when a 570 cost like 300 bucks, more power if you get more points tho. To infinity and beyond, as buzz light year says
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Posted 791 days ago by ATF
Yea I know its not gpu grid related, but I got like 30,000,000 gpu grid points on two accounts I can find, so I like coming here. Maybe not the most relevant forum for ram usage, but dropping knowledge never hurt anyone. Plus im an oscar winner so I think very highly of myself. hahaha peace and love people
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Posted 792 days ago by ATF
So being around for ages I heard that wcg's energy project is the most cpu intensive. I did rosetta, fah, and wcg, and my knowledge was right wcg made the cpu 5-6 degrees hotter than any other project. Fah was about 1-2 degrees coller than rosetta. But I did notice that it uses a couple megs of ram less than rosetta. Anyways my point being, the energy project doesnt save work units, so you have to keep your computer on, and I tried googling what max recommended ram usage would be but couldnt find anything. I know keeping a computer turned on for extremely to long without the ram to back it up will infact crash a computer. The question I dont know is what is a safe amount of ram usage to be considered before restart. I have the windows 7 cpu meter gadget always running on my desktop that monitors ram and cpu speed so it would be really simple for me to monitor.
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Posted 793 days ago by ATF
I was also told to wiki the gpu manufacturer and go with the card with the most gflops I could afford. hey hey hey
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Posted 793 days ago by ATF
Yea, I called windows to get another xp cd in like 13' and they said that they dont make them anymore. I did this because I thought that maybe a cd would be cheaper than a license, as I already had a license key. So you mean now that since xp isnt supported a 7 upgrade would work fine without installing xp right? I mean that sounds correct on many levels if it wasnt for memory hungry vista over there. Is it true tho? I guess theres only one way to find out, but currently I have two oem keys, might just see if it works in a couple of days if I get a chance to get some ram and get my 4460 doing rosetta.
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Posted 793 days ago by ATF
Damn daniel! I was going to recommend taking off the stock fan and applying some 20 dollar thermal paste that isnt electrically conductive so it has lower chances of frying your system. Then you got new gear, so I wouldnt really risk it. Anyways, I know the old 570s I used to get I was unable to remove the fans cause the screws seemed saudered even tho they were philips head. But new fans, add some thermal paste, I would say out of limited experience to just the chip itself, drop your gpu temps, fastest way to do it in my opinion. I always buy gpus with 3 fans.
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Posted 973 days ago by ATF
plus ill have time to buy an extra monitor as well peace~~

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