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Posted 2312 days ago by TylerChris
Hi skgiven
Have enjoyed reading your posts for sometime here and at WCG. have always found them to be constructive as well as informative however I feel you have missed the point here.
Will try again using your 470's as the example.
You wrote:
So you ran one normal length task and jumped to the conclusion that GPUGrid has been knocked down the pecking order!
Sort of ignores all the other Long tasks you ran that rewarded the usual high credit.

Err no
Used that task as an example to show the discrepancy as have not crunched any ACEMD2 tasks for a while,so had nothing to link to.
Your 470s crunching at donate @home here
To summarise they took around 3700 secs for 6250 credits.
now take a look at the same gpus crunching ACEMD2 tasks here.
Think the comparison is pretty clear.Around twice as many credits are granted for filling the coffers as is for the science.
You wrote;
I have already worked out that the credit CC2.0 cards get by running Long tasks here is the same or slightly more than D@H (often 10 to 20% more, depending on the task), at least for well optimized systems

Yes the Long tasks, a good amount of crunching here is on the ACEMD2 tasks that do not carry a 50% bonus .Take the bonus away then what do you have? do the donate at home have a 24 hour deadline with less credits granted if not reached?
You wrote;
You are using W7, which is at least 11% slower than XP here. Even so, running Long tasks here you would on average get ~10% more credit, not half the credit!

What has windows got to do with the argument? yes windows 7 is a little slower but does not change the maths much.
Have withdrawn the card from the project because I think the projects values are wrong, in my opinion the science should be valued more highly than bitcoin mining from it's volunteers.
The credit system as it stands as I see it is,crunch ACEMD2 we will award you a few credits.
But come over to donate@home and stick money in the coffers and we will give you at least double credits.
Hope this makes my position clearer.
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Posted 2314 days ago by TylerChris
Just completed one of these WUs, took around 2 hours.
Received 5921 credits for it.
Have done just the one wu at donate at home in under half the time on the same GPU.
Received 6250 credits for it.
This speaks volumes regarding priorities, and the value of science over money.
Can no longer respect the aims of the team here.
Have withdrawn the card from the project.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No Bonus for finishing within 24 hours (Message 23412)
Posted 2317 days ago by TylerChris
Still occurring :(
This issue has been known for sometime,please correct it.
WU here
4) Message boards : Server and website : User prefs problems. (Message 23160)
Posted 2333 days ago by TylerChris
Thanks for the response.
Both suggestions had already been done and still it received beta wus.
This machine uses the default settings.
My other machine,no longer used here uses 'Home' settings that did have beta enabled. Maybe the settings conflict somehow, anyway have removed them.
before that was done received a Nathan FA5 repair wu.So back crunching :)
5) Message boards : Server and website : User prefs problems. (Message 23158)
Posted 2333 days ago by TylerChris
Have the preference to accept beta wus.turned off.
At the moment only work I receive are the faulty beta wus.
The preference option appears not to work.
6) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GPU Grid specific computer (Message 22992)
Posted 2342 days ago by TylerChris
Well if you don't mind going down the amd bulldozer route the new Sapphire
Pure Black looks interesting,will take six single slot cards.
looks pretty too:)
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Posted 2376 days ago by TylerChris

Based on these numbers, NATHAN_FA5 should worth 32,100 credits.

Received just 21,000 for one of mine
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GTX 460 (Message 21780)
Posted 2512 days ago by TylerChris
Boinc manager (advanced view)/advanced/preferences/network usage/then change
"connect about" to 0.00 and additional work buffer to 0.05 click ok to save.
That should do it.:)
edit.beaten by Dagorath:) 0.2 is about 4hours 40 mins ,.0.1 2hours 20 mins
0.05 about 1 hour 10 mins.
9) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : New acemd beta (Message 21379)
Posted 2564 days ago by TylerChris
One failure as expected with the v6.38
One success with the v6.39
Did not notice any issues,ran a little slower than most here taking 4.8 hours on a gtx275 ,windows 7 64.:)
10) Message boards : News : Server up again (Message 18503)
Posted 2844 days ago by TylerChris
Still getting,
03/09/2010 12:37:48 GPUGRID Sending scheduler request: Requested by user.
03/09/2010 12:37:48 GPUGRID Reporting 2 completed tasks, requesting new tasks for CPU and GPU
03/09/2010 12:37:53 GPUGRID Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
03/09/2010 12:37:53 GPUGRID Message from server: Server can't open database

One task already past 24 hour deadline.
Good luck with it..

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