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Posted 315 days ago by CodeRedDewd
I think there is value looking into the "inside Spain vs outside Spain" angle. Many of these traceroutes have an increase in ping time starting when the connection gets from some ISP or backbone to the Spanish ISP or backbone. Also the user who reports no issues at all is the one inside Spain. I would be interested in seeing if the internal network computers running alpha, beta, regular, or testing units are seeing any issues like we are seeing. I would also be interested in seeing if any of the students or members of staff (etc) have PCs at home in Spain that could test the "inside Spain" theory for us outside of the local network. And perhaps it is the ISP within Spain that is just not good at the handoff to other ISPs through the backbones or some filtering method being used on the Spanish ISP networks for packet capture and analyzation. I would think that would more prevalent in places like Turkey, China, and Pakistan where it is a known issue that the government is tracking all the traffic in and out of the country to censor it, but maybe Spain has something in place that does something for some reason having this effect on our connections to the project???

I also do see different sounding reports from users within the same country, but on different ISPs or areas of that country. Some Comcast users in remote areas seeing increased issues than Comcast users in populated ares, but still reporting the issues are only with this project. I would wonder if some of those with the worst download and upload issues are also getting a greater number of failed tasks due to files that had dropped packets and seemed complete, but had some issue that caused the failures.

I will try the traceroute and downloading that file in both Firefox and BitCommet to see if there is any difference, failures, or interruptive delays.

One added thing I will add as an observation though is the increased reports of tasks that are listed for machines that do not have those tasks. I have one that has a delivery date of today on it to a computer that does not have that task on it. http://www.gpugrid.net/workunit.php?wuid=12186647 I wonder if this and the connection issue is also related, as a "tried to send" issue that one side (server) thinks it was sent and received while the other side (client) knows it got no such WU?

Why is it that I can connect to the Speedtest.net server in Barcelona, a few of them, and get 8.7Mbps that takes several seconds to measure, so it must be a larger file than most I would get from the project server. My ping is 222ms. The test seems to go well without interruption. Is this testing anything relevant?
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Posted 315 days ago by CodeRedDewd
Everyone is saying it's the speed, but it's not my case in the US. I download fairly quickly....maybe 300KBps, then it totally stops after a few seconds. It's so bad that I can't even keep the work going. The downloads get exponentially longer retries then project backoff.

Another question... Why can I connect to a speed test website in Barcelona to check my speed and download several Megs? Hmmm
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Posted 321 days ago by CodeRedDewd
I don't really understand... You're downloading projects through a website and not through BOINC and able to do the project?
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Posted 322 days ago by CodeRedDewd
What about using a torrent program like BitComet or a download accelerator that can split the file into smaller pieces and reconstitute it outside of a browser constraint? Or even, is there the anonymous or passworded FTP option open for this location?
These do not matter, as the BOINC manager can use only HTTP (and HTTPS).

Is there any support from BOINC available to those with server issues?
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Posted 322 days ago by CodeRedDewd
According to the website the server is in Barcelona. I got on Speedtest.net and chose a server there. My speeds were: download 12.86Mbps and upload 0.85MBps. Both went without hesitation or interruption. Ping was 198ms.

Any ideas? My graphics cards are just sitting here doing nothing for a couple of hours waiting for downloads that are pending....
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Posted 322 days ago by CodeRedDewd
My uploads have been steady and good here in the US. It's the downloads I'm having trouble with. As you said, the speed is good so long as it continues, but it doesn't. I have about 30 files to download with 8 partials waiting to start again. I had some yesterday about 8MB that took a few hours to download in about 25 small pieces when I kept clicking Retry Now. At times it was getting 300-400 KBps but only for a couple of seconds when it stalls.

Maybe someone can get on a speed test website and choose a server here in the US to see how uploads and downloads perform. I've used Speedtest.net that works well here. You're able to move the green box to see servers world wide. I'm just curious if it will work from there connected to servers here.
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Posted 323 days ago by CodeRedDewd
Finally was able to get the downloads done. The work was done just fine and the upload went very quickly. I'm again waiting for the download again. I have 6 files all partially downloaded and waiting to continue as before.

I just did a retry and it immediately started downloading at 350kBps got 1 more MB then hung again. I have no internet issues and have restarted my router. Nothing on my end helps.
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Posted 323 days ago by CodeRedDewd
Haven't gotten a project to run yet.

Upon adding the project, it shows all the files to download, then proceeds to download. While saying download active they stop, then go to a time to retry. Out of 20 or so files there were about 8 that had this status. Eventually all of the files have downloaded except for 1 that is at 80% and 38 minutes. It will go from download active to retry soon. When I click retry now, it downloads maybe 5% then hangs again.

12/1/2016 1:06:05 PM | GPUGRID | Started download of cufft32_65.dll
12/1/2016 1:08:53 PM | GPUGRID | Temporarily failed download of cufft32_65.dll: transient HTTP error
12/1/2016 1:08:53 PM | GPUGRID | Backing off 03:04:14 on download of cufft32_65.dll
12/1/2016 1:08:53 PM | | Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site
12/1/2016 1:08:54 PM | | Internet access OK - project servers may be temporarily down.
12/1/2016 1:10:02 PM | GPUGRID | Started download of cufft32_65.dll
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Posted 2668 days ago by CodeRedDewd
haha! my cpu is slow... It's OC'd from 2.6 to 3.15. It does pretty well.

Something I cannot figure out is... What are the main factors to consider when looking for a great card for crunching numbers? If you compare the 9800gx2 to the GTX 295 co-op for example. The gx2 has a higher gpu clock (600vs576), higher shader clock (1500vs1242), equal memory clocks. The gtx 295 has more memory interface (448bit/gpu vs 256bit/gpu), more processor cores (480vs256), more memory bandwidth (224 GB/s vs 128), more texture filling units (160 vs 128)

The 295 is slower, but seems to have more stuff doing the work. It seems I've seen some who had a lower RAC than me with their 295 wehn I had my 9800gx2, unless they didn't have the co-op edition...I just realized that. So what's the conclusion? I'm just fooling around and don't know whether to get a 295 co-op, or another 280 to pair with what I have....
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Posted 2671 days ago by CodeRedDewd
Curious question then... What did it mean when it said (... + 1.1 NVIDIA GPUs) if 1.00 is 100% That's what it did say with my 9800gx2

I have a handy sidebar gadget that shows the gpu temp, pcb temp, VPU and GPU usage, ram, speed... all of the graphics card. http://blog.orbmu2k.de/ The one I'm using is GPU Observer.

My GPU never goes much over 70%

I'll look to see if I can find the stderr_txt file...

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