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Posted 18 hours ago by Profile skgiven
Found both my GPUGrid tasks had failed overnight and the system had restarted. Had to force another restart as my first monitor stopped displaying anything - my first GPU stopped working properly (display went to VGA, despite being connected via a DVI cable).
A 368.22 driver crash report popped up.
When trying to upgrade to (BETA) the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library reported a Runtime Error! – terminated in an unusual way. The NV Beta update would not install. Will try the latest non-beta (368.81).
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Posted 18 hours ago by Profile skgiven
They have Pascal's to test with. We're waiting on bug free drivers and the public release of CUDA 8 dev kit - required to recompile the app.
3) Message boards : Wish list : Support for Pascal GPUs (GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 and so on) (Message 44036)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile skgiven
Yeah, crazy money for a GPU. Quite obscene and not something I would consider forking out for.

That said scientists will be able to build a 44TFlops CUDA research rig for $6000 to $8K. When I was working in various labs lost of research equipment cost tens if not hundreds of £K and some >>more than that. So, for R&D it's good, but not for DC.

For us here, scaling was an issue with the GTX 980Ti so I'm expecting it to be an issue with anything roughly that big with Pascal too (1080 upwards).
By scaling I mean actual throughput performance doesn't increase linearly with the GFlops of bigger cards.
In theory the Titan P will be ~24% faster than the 1080 but despite the favourable Bus width and Bus/GFlops ratio, scaling is likely to be a factor.
Then there's the silly price tag and the fact that two MSRP 1080's would cost the same as one Titan P Founders Ed and offer 60% more GFlops.
Finally, we don't yet know how the Pascal's perform here relative to the GTX 900 series or each other.
IMO the whole NV GTX1000 range is too costly at present and will likely stay high for some time, mostly due to the lack of availability. For most people here the 1060 might be the most attractive, when the price is right and when the drivers support the apps use of CUDA8...
4) Message boards : Wish list : Support for Pascal GPUs (GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 and so on) (Message 44033)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile skgiven
Keep saving - the Pascal Titan will cost ~$1200 (due 2nd Aug).
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Discussion of Ubuntu 16.04-x64 LTS installation and configuration (Message 44030)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile skgiven
My intention was to cover a basic/standard installation to an internal drive, rather than an external USB stick to create a multi-boot environment.
Overall, I found the OS and NV driver installations very easy but that might not be the case if you need to multi-boot &/or boot to a USB stick.

In your case I don't know what's going wrong, but you may need to select the drive you are booting to when you restart or remove the other USB drive (assuming you are installing the OS from one USB stick onto the other)?
6) Message boards : Number crunching : 1-GERARD_MO_MOR WUs failing immediately (Message 44025)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile skgiven
90% fail rate says there is a problem with the model.
No tasks available confirms there is a problem.

Why are we not using a beta queue to test such tasks?

7) Message boards : Number crunching : 4 Months to GTX970 Burn out (Message 44006)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile skgiven
You may just have been unlucky. The GPU may simply have arrived with you already damaged to the extent that it was inevitably going to fail.

Burnouts like that can occur for many reasons. Given what you've already said the possibilities (assuming it wasn't already damaged/going to fail in that time) include:
Some minor and unnoticed damage occurred during the installation with failure taking some time.
Something fell onto the back of the GPU, or hit it causing minor physical damage (a cable) [assuming it had no backplate].
A cable, fluff, insect caused localised overheating (apparently to resistors) or short circuited them.
Voltage or amps problem with the motherboard or PSU.

However, these things are unlikely (unless you were working at it). Warping of the board, solder flaws (furring)/bad etching, bad components would take some time before failing.
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : 2 GTX 1080's vs 3 GTX 1070's vs 4 GTX 1060's (Message 43961)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile skgiven
In theory, there isn't much in it.

However, I don't have Pascal's to work from because at present they are far too expensive IMO and this project doesn't support them, yet. In time the prices will fall and the devs will revamp the app and that will be the best time to buy Pascals.

Theoretically, the boosted SP GFlops ratings are 6463 for a 1070 and 8873 GFlops for a 1080. That's 6463*3=19389 for the 3 1070's & 8873*2=17746 for the 2 1080's.

In the UK prices are high due to the lack of availability and so on but right now 3 1070's would cost £400*3=1200 and two 1080's would cost £620*2=1240.
The Founders Editions are more expensive, so you don't want to be comparing apples with oranges.
In the US, the MSRP is $379 and $599. There 3 GTX1070's would cost $1137 and 2 GTX1080's would cost $1198.
Alternatively, the Founders Editions are $449 and $699 :- 3 GTX1070's would cost $1347 and 2 GTX1080's would cost $1398.

The TDP's are 150W for the 1070 and 180W for the 1080 so power consumption would be 150W*3=450W and 180W*2=360W. The importance of that factor changes from location to location depending on electric prices.

To summerise,
Three 1070's would theoretically do slightly more work & cost slightly less but would use a bit more power and generate a bit more heat.

I'll throw in the as yet unreleased GTX1060 just to muddy the picture further :)
@4372 SP GFlops (Boosted), 4 would give you 4372*4=17488GFlops which is only marginally lower than two GTX1080's in theory!
The Founders Editions are supposed to cost $299, so 4 would cost $1196 - about $150 and $200 less than 3 GTX1070's and 2 GTX1080's respectively.
The MSRP edition is $249 so 4 would cost $996 - $141 less than 3 MSRP 1070's and more notably £202 less than 2 1080's.
However, 4 GTX1060's would have a combined TDP of 480W which is 120W more than two GTX1080's.

None the less, it's interesting that the GTX1060's will be GP106, their base clock is slightly higher than the GTX1070's and the Bus width, while lower than the 1070 and 1080's, will be relatively higher against the SP boost; ~10% higher than the 1070. IF (and we've no idea yet) bandwidth will be an issue for here (or anywhere else) the 1060's might be a better choice than the 1070's. Further, the GTX1070's bandwidth to GFlops ratio is more favourable than the GTX1080's (despite the 1080's using the more expensive GDDR5X) ~9.8% better [in theory].
Then there is the issue of scalability. The bigger the GPU's get, the less their performance scales for here (at least up until now).
As we don't know what else may follow (a 110W 3GB version of the GTX1060 or a 1050Ti) we don't know what will be the best buys for here or anywhere else.
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Posted 14 days ago by Profile skgiven
Just checking!
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Error after 14 hours of calculations and no points (Message 43949)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile skgiven
Zarck, if your titan is running in double precision mode, turn DP off.
IMO 80C is too hot and that's why people developed tools like MSI Afterburner.

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