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Thank for the reply, finally, i will RMA the card, it seem to be a commun issue with some of these cards. BTW, the cards clock dropped to 549 Mhz today... but still running the task. Weird stuff.

That is not so weird. It is down clocked but still running. It will take a lot longer though, but it will finish.
The only option to get the clock at operating speed again is to reboot the PC. Set BOINC to suspend when doing the reboot, and no WU will be lost.

You should be able to use NVIDIA Inspector to 'Apply Clocks and Voltages'.
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Your GPU's are too hot. You need to keep them reasonably cool. Use MSI Afterburner or similar to set fan speeds.

FAQ - Useful Tools
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You seem to have a GPU task running on the GT555M but the GT 660M does not appear. It's likely that on your 3740QM system that you have installed Boinc as a service. To run GPU tasks you need to install Boinc again and not as a service.
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Posted 5 days ago by Profile skgiven
You don't need to flash the Bios to force the GPU to run at a reduced clock speed.
All you have to do is use a program such as MSI Afterburner and reduce the Core Clock &/or Power Limit. From within the app you can configure the settings to apply on startup.
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Total credit >1,000,000,000...
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Hi, I had to install the driver for Linux, Nvidia 346.16 Beta to accomplish tasks 8.46-Cuda 6.5.

Hi, So far I can not see performance improvement in short tasks when using v8.46 Cuda 6.5

The cuda 6.5app has not been updated yet...
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Robert, was LAIM on?
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Valter, as Richard said, you are correct; you need to install a more recent driver to use your GPU.

The recommendation is a 343.21 or newer driver so that you can run the cuda 6.5 apps.
From what Matt said, a 343 or newer driver should also support the next (future) app version as that will also be based on cuda 6.5 and might bring a performance increase for some cards...

See this thread,
Please upgrade to DRIVER 334.21 or NEWER
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Posted 26 days ago by Profile skgiven
I'm running W10_x64 with a GTX770 and default 340.52 M$ drivers, for now...
Boinc 7.4.27 states that the GPU is cuda 6.5 compatible.
However, the GPUGrid app says Long runs (8-12 hours on fastest card) 8.41 (cuda60).
This is because the app isn't refined enough to adequately distinguish between sub 343 drivers that support 6.5 and those that do not. The reason is that they don't all support cuda 6.5 equally, and Matt cannot code, test and debug for every minor driver release that pops up (for every OS).

I expect there would be more performance to gain from more recent CC cards (Maxwell's) with 343+ drivers and app builds, so if you have a non-Maxwell and a sub 343 driver, don't worry about it, so long as it runs cuda 6.0 (and correct me if I'm wrong).
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I was able to clock the GDDR5 to 3500MHz and over, even when OC'ing the GPU core and with power >110%. That said I did get an error at silly speeds. Initially I was just being inquisitive to understand why the 256bit bus has such a high usage for some tasks, how much of a problem it was and looking for a happy spot WRT power and efficiency.

The P-states are still a bit of a conundrum and I suspect we are looking at a simplified GUI which attempts to control more complex functions than indicated by NV Inspector. It's certainly not easy to control them.

P-states are apparently distinct from boost and it's not clear what if any impact CPU usage has on boost:
When I don't fix the P states the GPU clocks drop under certain circumstances. For example, when running a CPU MT app the GPU had been 1050MHz (no boost) and when CPU usage changed to 6 individual CPU apps the power went from 58% to 61%, GPU usage rose from 82% to 84% and the GPU clock rose to 1075MHz - still no boost (all running a long SDOERR_thrombin WU).
When I force the GPU clock to 1190MHz while using 6 CPU cores for CPU work the GPU still does not boost. Not even when I reduce the CPU usage to 5, 4 or 3 (for CPU work). By that stage GPU usage is 86 to 87% and power is 66%.
I expect a system restart would allow the GPU to boost again, but IMO boost is basically broken and the P-states don't line up properly.

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