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...it's the dry season.

Application Unsent In progress Short runs 0 482 Long runs 0 2,201
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I'm also missing out on the 50% bonus for most of my runs on the 750Ti but only because I don't crunch during peak power times as the electric costs are hiked up too much. That's 3h/day M-F. Most long WU's still take around 78,000sec (21.5 to 22h) so I'm only missing out by 0.5h to 1h, but I'm stable :)
My 750Ti sits along side a 970, so if I babysat the rig I could suspend and restart tasks once a day in order to get them to run on the different card and thus finish in time for the bonus. Could probably script it, but it's not a biggie for me.

See there's a GTX950 out. With 1572GFlops (compared to the 750Ti's 1306) it should allow tasks to finish in time (even with the WDDM overhead). On paper it's 20% faster, but uses 90W compared to the 750Ti's 60W. That's a 20% performance gain for 50% more power, which isn't great, but I suspect it might not be quite as bad as that. It may be the case that performance is a bit higher than +20%; it officially boosts from 1024 to 1188MHz (up 164MHz) while the 750Ti on paper only boosts from 1020 to 1085MHz (a 65MHz boost). In reality the 750Ti boosts to 1300MHz, if not more, so I would expect the 950 to boost well beyond 1188MHz - probably 1350MHz or more. Assuming 1350MHz for 90W would equate to a 25% performance increase over a 750Ti for 50% power increase, however it's likely that the card could be tuned for performance; the power throttled down, and it would still boost to around 1250 if not 1350MHz.

There may be a power overhead to having Sli capability, which the 950 does (the 750Ti and 750 are not Sli capable).
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Thanks Zoltan,
I've emailed Gianni...
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I'm using 352.62 on W10 after upgrading from W7.

After the install Boinc didn't see any NV drivers but those came in the form of a Windows update, and after a reboot tasks began running again.
Did get a driver fail/recovery and a failed WU today though. The Windows error message popped up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
GPUGrid task error was, SWAN : FATAL Unable to load module .mshake_kernel.cu. (719)
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Hi Fred,

Please install MSI Afterburner (or similar) and configure a fan curve to control your GPU temperatures.
This will prevent the more recent errors.

It's down to the researchers to clear their databases of the older error logs.

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Try a project reset.
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In the UK most small houses and apartments have about 7 circuit breakers.
Separate loops for high Wattage electric stoves and showers (usually 7.5mm cable).
In a house, upstairs and downstairs lighting and sockets are usually separate.
10A, 16A, 20 and 40Amp fuses are common for our 240V loops/rings. Even a 10A ring has the potential to deliver up to 2.4KW.
40A tends only to be used for ovens and showers which are typically 6 to 8.5KW.
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In theory, yes, but the GPUGrid app and Boinc might need to be updated first. Then you would need to reinstall Boinc as a service. Would obviously need some research, development and testing if and before it would become the norm.

CUDA 7.5 Release Notes state:

2. New Features
2.1. General CUDA
•CUDA applications can now run on Windows systems when launched from within a Remote Desktop session. They can also be run as Windows service applications.

I wonder if that means that GPU projects can be run when BOINC is installed as a service, at least if the appropriate changes are made to BOINC.

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Posted 87 days ago by Profile skgiven
Might be something in the libraries for here. Looks like the ACEMD app might be better supported on multiple cards (1 app over several cards 2/4). Matt & Gianni would know.

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