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Posted 15 hours ago by Profile skgiven
A GTS 8400 is not capable of running GPUGrid tasks as it's a Compute Capable 1.1 card.
CC1.3 or better is required to crunch here.
2) Message boards : Server and website : Upload Problems (Message 37609)
Posted 3 days ago by Profile skgiven
I emailed Matt and Gianni regarding the disk space problems...
3) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Similar with GTX780 2GB 384Bit GDDR3 (Message 37582)
Posted 7 days ago by Profile skgiven
Its a scam - avoid!
4) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : The milestone thread (Message 37560)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile skgiven
Congratulations on your well earned credit milestones!
5) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Short vs Long unit size (Message 37550)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile skgiven
Excluding aforementioned observations,

Q6600 - probably a DDR2 system (10 to 20% difference)?

Might be worth a gawk - NVidia GPU Card comparisons in GFLOPS peak

Temps might be high - FAQ - Useful Tools - suggest MSI Afterburner if not already in use.

760 has different architecture to 650Ti - think it's 2048 IIRC (it's not all about the bus)?

6) Message boards : News : New CPU Application for testing (Message 37539)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile skgiven
Matt, the harsh reality is that GPU WU's use the CPU and the more you use the CPU for other work the more it impacts upon GPU work.
Your app is fine for systems without an NVidia GPU. Otherwise its a bang your head of a wall exercise!
7) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : Starting School / Contribution Scaling Down (Message 37509)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile skgiven
Good luck Matt and hope you have a good time.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Test application for CPU MD (Message 37508)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile skgiven
9) Message boards : Number crunching : GPUgrid on Linux on Notebook (Message 37507)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile skgiven
It's not recomended to use the GPU on laptops, but it's yours, its a low power Kepler and you can use or break it whatever way you like :)

However, I strongly suggest that you don't use the CPU and GPU at the same time.

Set and use GPU fan settings in NVIDIA X Server, if possible.
It would require more recent drivers to enable the performance level editing (downclock the GPU or GPU Memory).

Downclocking the CPU (Bios) can reduce temps, but take a note or runtimes and actual temps to see if its worth it for you.

If the system is plugged in all the time, take the battery out!

I use to leave my laptop on its side to increase airflow and reduce heat but I also cooled the base of several laptops with a cooling pad/stand,
10) Message boards : News : New CPU Application for testing (Message 37506)
Posted 20 days ago by Profile skgiven
The app_config probably won't take effect immediately (even if you read the config files from Boinc) as work units occupy slots and cores are already allocated to started work. So it should kick in after a WU finishes. The trouble with this is that the WU's are long (just like the GPU work units).

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