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Thanks Zoltan,
I've emailed Gianni...
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I'm using 352.62 on W10 after upgrading from W7.

After the install Boinc didn't see any NV drivers but those came in the form of a Windows update, and after a reboot tasks began running again.
Did get a driver fail/recovery and a failed WU today though. The Windows error message popped up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
GPUGrid task error was, SWAN : FATAL Unable to load module .mshake_kernel.cu. (719)
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Hi Fred,

Please install MSI Afterburner (or similar) and configure a fan curve to control your GPU temperatures.
This will prevent the more recent errors.

It's down to the researchers to clear their databases of the older error logs.

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Try a project reset.
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In the UK most small houses and apartments have about 7 circuit breakers.
Separate loops for high Wattage electric stoves and showers (usually 7.5mm cable).
In a house, upstairs and downstairs lighting and sockets are usually separate.
10A, 16A, 20 and 40Amp fuses are common for our 240V loops/rings. Even a 10A ring has the potential to deliver up to 2.4KW.
40A tends only to be used for ovens and showers which are typically 6 to 8.5KW.
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In theory, yes, but the GPUGrid app and Boinc might need to be updated first. Then you would need to reinstall Boinc as a service. Would obviously need some research, development and testing if and before it would become the norm.

CUDA 7.5 Release Notes state:

2. New Features
2.1. General CUDA
•CUDA applications can now run on Windows systems when launched from within a Remote Desktop session. They can also be run as Windows service applications.

I wonder if that means that GPU projects can be run when BOINC is installed as a service, at least if the appropriate changes are made to BOINC.

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Might be something in the libraries for here. Looks like the ACEMD app might be better supported on multiple cards (1 app over several cards 2/4). Matt & Gianni would know.
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For Ref/Comparison

970 on WinXP (one task at a time)*:
GERARD_FXCXCL12_LIG_6644051-0-1-RND1102_1 34,159.06 (~9.5h) 255,000.00
NOELIA_ETQunboundx2-0-2-RND2064_0 14,912.33 (~4.25h) 75,000.00

970 on Win7 (two tasks at a time)†:
GERARD_FXCXCL12_LIG 75,167.70 (~20.9h) 255,000.00
NOELIA_ETQunboundx1 23,301.72 (~6.5h) 75,000.00

* Slower system (CPU/system bus) only 90% power, 85% GPU usage.

† I've these GPU's throttled to 80% power, though they sneak an extra 5% (roughly 7% slower but using 15% less energy each [based on 2 task at a time runtimes]; ~9% more efficient on top of any overall performance gain from running 2 tasks at a time). Note that two tasks at a time doesn't (and can't) make up for the WDDM overhead.
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Its a fact that lots of people use smaller secondary hard drives just for the Boinc data and many people also use SSD's (which are faster but smaller in capacity). Then there are people who build dedicated crunching rigs from spare parts, often using smaller drives.

The amount of hard drive space available (at any given time) also depends on what other projects are being crunched and Boinc settings (which you can change at any time). Projects such as ClimatePrediction have bigger tasks but if you are hooked up to 20 projects the Boinc data folder could be 20GB or more - it's not fool-proof. It helps to clear out projects from time to time (detach, or detach and reattach as Richard suggested).

I thought that <rsc_disk_bound>n</rsc_disk_bound> was to stop leaky apps filling up the drive; a kill switch, rather than being used to determine if there is enough free space to run - free space can change depending on other apps...

In the past there have been tasks that use over 1GB GDDR5 and vary in size during the run. I know it's not the same thing but they might be bigger than 500MB when extracted and stored on the drive, so the extra zero might not be a mistake.

Anyway, the requirements (10GB) and recommendations (20GB) to run Long tasks were defined and shared by the project a couple of years ago:

System requirements Minimum requirements GPU: NVIDIA Kepler GPU (CC3.0) (Geforce 600 series and later) [check list] Nvidia driver series 343 or later CPU: 1.6GHz RAM: 1GB (2GB for Vista, W7, Ubuntu) HDD: 10GB free space, no more than 80% used (very important under windows) Recommended requirements GPU: high-end NVIDIA Geforce GTX 700, 900 series [check list] Nvidia driver series 343 or later CPU: 2.4GHz or higher RAM: 4GB, 2GB+ free for Boinc HDD: 20GB Free space or more, fast drive(s)

If you've been getting away with <10GB then you've been lucky.

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