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We've drifted OT from task size to build issues and tips, but here's my 2p's worth.

Unless you have really expensive kit, have space and can afford a good UPS (which are expensive to buy, increase running costs, produce heat and might require maintenance) all you can do is use a 6 gang surge strip (or similar) and a good PSU. However, these go a long way to protecting you, if you know what you're doing!
Disabling the disk write cache was a good suggestion and might help prevent OS issues too.
In my experience it's best to prevent systems from rebooting following a power failure, as further power issues are likely following an outage (they usually bunch together). You can set most systems to power down following a power failure in most Bios, rather than rebooting. If you find a system in the powered down state, disconnect the power for a minute to allow any components with static to fully discharge before reconnecting and starting up. It might also be good to restart the system after first booting. Obviously, if you know there is likely to be power issues (storms, maintenance, shortages) "turn IT off".

A surge strip can protect up to a certain amount of voltage, but wont protect you from a direct lightning strike (only a lightning rod can do that). It might however protect you from a close by strike - one that hits a local power line or other cable (telephone/fax, modem/coax/Ethernet/Christmas tree lights...); but only if these are plugged into a surge protected adapter/extender. No point having your printer straight into the wall but connected to the computer via a USB cable, or an unprotected modem cable going straight into a PCI port. Remember that small devices (modems/switches/external drives and so on) tend to have low design standards and many don't have an earth, yet they connect into an external power source and directly into the computer via another cable (USB/fire-wire/Ethernet/VGA/Display Port...). It's important to surge-protect the small devices too and if your power strip has a phone connection surge protector, use it.

Good PSU's can handle power fluctuations, which could otherwise wreck systems. An AX750 for example can run normally with the power anywhere between 94V and 264V. Many such PSU's are also capable of handling short spikes and dips (power blips) while standard PSU's cant. High end PSU's come at a premium but their build quality is self protecting and helps shut down systems more gracefully when there is a major dip/outage. The Titanium PSU's are the best and offer 96% power efficiency at 50% power usage. However, you don't invest in a Titanium PSU for the 96% (rather than 92%) as it would take years to recover in running costs (if at all) but rather in the build quality and life expectancy of the unit. Many self acclaimed 80%+ Gold certified PSU's fail after a year or two while most Platinum and Titanium PSU's come with long warranty's and are likely to be around for 6 to 10 years (24/7) and will have provided high end quality power delivery to your components and protection for that time.
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Based on what I know about this project and their publication record, which requires vetting and validation, I'm happy for the researchers to work out what's best for their research, including validation methodology.
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Configuring these settings in Boinc Manager is global but I think this may be doable (at least in theory, depending on the number of projects you are attached to) via the project web sites; you can configure these settings for other projects, under different 'venues'; home, global, work, school (for each project). That way you could block Internet access for other projects (grouped by a 'venue', say "general") during certain times but enable it 24/7 for GPUGrid (venue "home", for example).

First you would need to enable the web preferences:
Boinc Manager, Options, Computer Preferences, use web prefs.


Edit the venue,
Configure under the heading Use network only between the hours of
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IMO GPUGrid should keep looking for a fix/work around; perhaps enable partial job progress reporting and use the trickle up system to delay a resend when steady progress (within reason) is observed or alter the minimum quorum when there is no reported progress after 48h to ensure full credit.
If a task is sitting doing nothing on someone's computer for 2days without starting - just abort it and block the host with a Notice saying why.
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Both Betas went to the same user. That's quite a finite testing methodology. Might take a while to get round everyone though...
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'Net Neutrality' is about sending all types of data at the same rates; without throttling, it's not about cyber crime, hacking, spying...

Obviously we don't want our uploads and downloads throttled in the same way online gamers don't want their connections to be glitchy or intermittent and viewers of streaming media want good resolution, which requires good transfer rates. However, we have the capability to adjust our Boinc Managers to whatever the situation is, so unless we are struggling to meet a 24h or 48h deadline for bonuses we're reasonably ok - we're less vulnerable to throttling/can do something about it, so it won't impact on us as much. Contrast watching an Amazon video and halfway through it cuts out.

PS. That Norse attack map shows that the biggest target is the US but also that the biggest attacker is the US. Next up as an attacker is China, followed by the Netherlands. The second biggest target is the UAE. Russia isn't in the top 10 as an attacker. Not sure how many of these are valid attacks though. Could be 'suspicious activities' rather than 'attacks'.
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My guess is that the whole batch needs to be built properly for it to be worth much. If too many WU's are duds then I guess the run isn't much use. I would say, "at least you got 'credit' for your effort" but it's like painting a wall and then having to paint it a different colour, and you pay for the paint!
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Even if you could fully and accurately quantify the progress of a projects scientific research and your contribution towards it, comparing one project to another is qualitative and what the research might lead to in years to come is speculative.

On an i7 you would be freeing up one thread (not core). Doing so should improve GPU performance (reduce the times), but your times are quite good anyway. While threads are entities in themselves they don't entirely operate in isolation; shared cache, controller, queues/buses. The difference in overall CPU performance of a i7-4930K crunching 12 CPU tasks vs 11 CPU tasks is probably negligible compared to the GPU performance improvements that come from not having the CPU constantly over-saturated (in my qualified opinion).

For a GPUGrid task the 'Elapsed' time is basically the time it ran on the GPU.
The CPU time is the time it ran on the CPU (not the GPU).
'Elapsed' time actually includes a few seconds to load the task before it starts and a few seconds at the end (but doesn't include any time is sat in the work queue, was paused, the download, upload or report time periods).
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The GTX650 is half the 'speed' of a GTX 650 Ti which was an entry level card for here several years ago.
A GTX980Ti should be 8 or 9 times (8.67) faster than a GTX 650 at GPUGrid.

FAQ - Best configurations for GPUGRID
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Looks like the batch was cancelled early today:

Exit status 202 (0xca) EXIT_ABORTED_BY_PROJECT

Too many errors (may have bug) WU cancelled

WU cancelled

Some of these tasks actually completed, but many didn't run; they failed to load due to a file read error. Some are still in progress.

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