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...and would it be beneficial, i know i have a ton of ram thats not even being used at all.

Your GTX780 has 3GB GDDR5. That is sufficient to run 2 tasks at a time, however it's probably not 'beneficial' or not much on that GPU (W8.1). On the GTX970, GTX980 and GTX Titan X it is beneficial.

could you increase a gpu's memory,

No - you would basically need to redesign the GPU. You can also buy cards with 4GB, 6GB and 12GB GDDR5, so there would be no point upgrading.
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The 980Ti was inevitable and it's design predictable.

A 24SMM would be a 6GB Titan X. It would be competing with itself.
Still think it will have 2688 cuda cores.
While a 225W TDP is possible that's more like the Quadro style - expect them to keep it at 250W.
Core clock will likely be somewhere between 1088 and 1127, but could be higher with a 250W TDP. Whatever, it's the actual boost that really matters for here. Given the cooling options, there might be an increased performance variation between manufacturers implementations.
Wonder if they will stick with 7GHz GDDR5; 5months ago skhynix announced 8GHz GDDR5, but these are no longer listed on their site.
Probably $750 to $800 based on current prices (the GTX980 is still selling at release price and the GTX Titan X has went up from $999 to >$1170). That said AMD/ATI releases will have a say on NV prices.
My only real concern is that the performance might not scale as well (at present) for the GM200's, though it might if you ran 2 WU's on the same card.

Update - Will be 7GHz and 250W.
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On your XP/GTX660 system you had a problem with this WU,

The Std Err says User aborted and SWAN : FATAL : Cuda driver error 700 in file 'swanlibnv2.cpp' in line 1965.

I also have a problem with a GERARD_FXCXCL12 WU on an XP system. The WU has run for 60h on a GTX670. It should have taken less than a day and should have finished several days ago. My WU has not check-pointed, so there is probably a design fault. While it's at 98.00% complete it is progressing at a very slow rate (0.01% every few minutes) and if it reaches 100% it might continue to run without actually completing...
If you experience this again, see if the WU has been checkpointing.
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As well as SETI and Einstein,
POEM has an opencl_nvidia_101 app and MilkyWay has Open_CL apps for NVidia cards.

I've emailed Gianni, Matt and the group just in case they didn't know.
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Last time I checked doing both was only slightly more advantageous (2 or 3%) than just freeing up a CPU core/thread (or two), but if you are just missing a deadline then it might help. Freeing up a thread or two could help more, but once you've done that you might as well use SWAN too.
The benefits of SWAN_SYNC could depend on the task type and your system (CPU performance and GPU). Unfortunately there are so many task types around now it could take weeks to get enough results to present accurate measurements.
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For SWAN_SYNC to work you need to restart the computer, after you create it. You also need to specify in Boinc Manager to leave at least 1 CPU core/thread free to benefit, but leaving more than one free improves things even more. On a 4core/8thread system there is usually no benefit in using less than 50% of the CPU (4threads) and not much difference between using 4 and 5 threads. I normally only use between 5 and 7 threads 62.5% to 87.5% of the CPU.
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That's a CUDA 6.0 driver, but it should suffice for now.
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SWAN_SYNC is an environmental variable.
Basically, it will force the task to use a full CPU core/thread.

Last I heard is that on Linux you need to use SWAN_SYNC=1


Try some searches for SWAN_SYNC + Linux.
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It's called Linux.
Other things that can expedite the process are not using the CPU for CPU work, using SWAN_SYNC, slightly overclocking, setting higher process priority, affinity and using process lasso might also help, as might using an iGPU for the display.
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If the drivers installed properly Boinc may be starting before the drivers are ready. Add a delay or restart boinc from a terminal.

HOW TO - Add a Boinc Start Delay in Ubuntu

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