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If there is an internal network issue it's likely something the university needs to sort out, rather than the group.
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For reference (blower) designs and average single/dual fan GPU's, 70% fan is about right, but different tasks stress the cards in different ways and to different amounts. Also, the case design and ambient temps can change things a lot. If you have better designed cards and systems then fan speed and temp control is less of an issue.
I've a dual fan Zotac card sitting in an open case and I need to have the fans at 77% to keep the temperature around 71C. GPU utilization is ~90% running a GERARD_CXCL12_

Every time you reboot you need to enable fan control again from X Server and raise it to whatever you think is appropriate.
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Maybe a priority issue; possibly Beta CPU work or resends with lower return time?

On an 8 core CPU, most people would be running more than 2 GPU tasks and 2 CPU tasks, so you might want to check if your preferences are being pulled from WCG, against your computers venue (general/global, home, school, work) and edit them if need be.


PS. Remember to open NVidid X Server, goto the Thermal Settings of your GPU's, Enable GPU Fan Settings and increase the fan speed to >70%.

BTW. Anyone with a repository Boinc install wanting to edit their cc_config.xml file can do the following:
Open a Terminal (Top Left icon {Search your computer}, type Terminal, type sudo gedit /etc/boinc-client/cc_config.xml
Add the appropriate lines you want (such as use all GPU's) and then click save (top right).
<cc_config> <options> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> </options> </cc_config>
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The exports and credits are correct ATM. Instead of keeping 3 threads on this topic please make any further posts regarding stats exports in the following thread (it was the first),
GPUGRID Stats on Boincstats
5) Message boards : Number crunching : 1 million+ credits from GPUGrid WU's missing over last 4 days? WU's verified & credits issued.. (Message 44656)
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The exports and credits are correct ATM. Instead of keeping 3 threads on this topic please make any further posts regarding stats exports in the following thread (it was the first),
GPUGRID Stats on Boincstats
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Best Backup Boinc Project that Gives Highest RAC? (Message 44655)
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I know that the queues here are filled from time to time but...
POEM is officially retired since 4th October. Let's discuss what will be the next backup project.
There seem to be no other BOINC projects in the field of chemistry or biology utilizing GPUs.

  • PrimeGrid
  • Milkyway
  • Asteroids
  • Einstein
  • Moo! RC5
  • Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

  • Albert
  • Asteroids
  • BURP
  • Collatz Conjecture
  • Einstein
  • Milkyway
  • Moo! Wrapper
  • PrimeGrid
  • SETI

There may be other projects with NV apps and some Alpha/Beta/Test/Dev GPU projects too.
Previously/years ago/now depricated The Lattic Project occasionally had some CUDA work, ibercivis had some and for a few months (a couple of years ago) WCG had GPU tasks for NV cards. Bitcoin Utopia also had some GPU work as did GPUGrid's similar fund-raising venture.

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The POEM forum is open if you want to continue the discussion there.
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[OT] When science is performed by corporations the objective is profit, not cure.
Boinc is open source. POEM's results will be available to the public and they are making the GPU code available to the scientific community. If they have enough results to analyse and publish their work then their objective is complete & the project was successful.
Most scientists are capable of performing experiments, analysing the results and publishing their finding, but are not in a position to make cures from their work. They do what they can. We do what we can...[/OT]

Alas, until the CUDA 8.5 Dev Kit is released to the public there can be no movement on using Pascal's here. We are in the worst case scenario I envisaged prior to the release of mainstream Pascals. The ball's in NV's park and they are playing tippy-tappy (possession) football.
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We've drifted OT from task size to build issues and tips, but here's my 2p's worth.

Unless you have really expensive kit, have space and can afford a good UPS (which are expensive to buy, increase running costs, produce heat and might require maintenance) all you can do is use a 6 gang surge strip (or similar) and a good PSU. However, these go a long way to protecting you, if you know what you're doing!
Disabling the disk write cache was a good suggestion and might help prevent OS issues too.
In my experience it's best to prevent systems from rebooting following a power failure, as further power issues are likely following an outage (they usually bunch together). You can set most systems to power down following a power failure in most Bios, rather than rebooting. If you find a system in the powered down state, disconnect the power for a minute to allow any components with static to fully discharge before reconnecting and starting up. It might also be good to restart the system after first booting. Obviously, if you know there is likely to be power issues (storms, maintenance, shortages) "turn IT off".

A surge strip can protect up to a certain amount of voltage, but wont protect you from a direct lightning strike (only a lightning rod can do that). It might however protect you from a close by strike - one that hits a local power line or other cable (telephone/fax, modem/coax/Ethernet/Christmas tree lights...); but only if these are plugged into a surge protected adapter/extender. No point having your printer straight into the wall but connected to the computer via a USB cable, or an unprotected modem cable going straight into a PCI port. Remember that small devices (modems/switches/external drives and so on) tend to have low design standards and many don't have an earth, yet they connect into an external power source and directly into the computer via another cable (USB/fire-wire/Ethernet/VGA/Display Port...). It's important to surge-protect the small devices too and if your power strip has a phone connection surge protector, use it.

Good PSU's can handle power fluctuations, which could otherwise wreck systems. An AX750 for example can run normally with the power anywhere between 94V and 264V. Many such PSU's are also capable of handling short spikes and dips (power blips) while standard PSU's cant. High end PSU's come at a premium but their build quality is self protecting and helps shut down systems more gracefully when there is a major dip/outage. The Titanium PSU's are the best and offer 96% power efficiency at 50% power usage. However, you don't invest in a Titanium PSU for the 96% (rather than 92%) as it would take years to recover in running costs (if at all) but rather in the build quality and life expectancy of the unit. Many self acclaimed 80%+ Gold certified PSU's fail after a year or two while most Platinum and Titanium PSU's come with long warranty's and are likely to be around for 6 to 10 years (24/7) and will have provided high end quality power delivery to your components and protection for that time.
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Based on what I know about this project and their publication record, which requires vetting and validation, I'm happy for the researchers to work out what's best for their research, including validation methodology.

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