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Posted 4 days ago by Profile skgiven
The new app allows for mixing of new and older generations of GPU's.
For example a GTX970 can now be used alongside a GTX1060 is a Windows 10 system.

The thread called DO NOT MIX GTX 10X0 GPU with older GPUs in the same system has been retired.

Will move the last few posts to here...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Where did all my task history go? (Message 46597)
Posted 49 days ago by Profile skgiven
It sure would be nice if they purged all the outdated error tasks from 2014-2016.

Lets not forget the cuda 5.5 errors from 2013:


7418062 4883298 31 Oct 2013 | 13:17:36 UTC 31 Oct 2013 | 15:14:52 UTC Error while computing 2.21 0.20 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7417225 4883425 31 Oct 2013 | 8:59:24 UTC 31 Oct 2013 | 9:43:26 UTC Error while computing 2.21 0.20 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7414821 4883195 30 Oct 2013 | 23:57:35 UTC 31 Oct 2013 | 0:06:05 UTC Error while computing 2.17 0.17 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7413026 4883662 31 Oct 2013 | 12:54:58 UTC 31 Oct 2013 | 12:57:13 UTC Error while computing 2.32 0.20 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7413016 4883652 31 Oct 2013 | 9:43:26 UTC 31 Oct 2013 | 9:44:51 UTC Error while computing 2.40 0.19 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7412905 4883541 31 Oct 2013 | 1:22:10 UTC 31 Oct 2013 | 3:18:05 UTC Error while computing 2.21 0.17 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7412626 4883263 30 Oct 2013 | 21:15:39 UTC 30 Oct 2013 | 21:23:58 UTC Error while computing 2.25 0.19 --- Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card) v8.14 (cuda55)
7247115 4751509 4 Sep 2013 | 10:12:01 UTC 4 Sep 2013 | 13:53:56 UTC Error while computing 6,407.73 1,130.65 --- ACEMD beta version v8.11 (cuda55)
7247113 4751587 4 Sep 2013 | 10:12:01 UTC 4 Sep 2013 | 12:07:05 UTC Error while computing 6,408.04 1,214.25 --- ACEMD beta version v8.11 (cuda55)
7202422 4715242 24 Aug 2013 | 12:51:21 UTC 24 Aug 2013 | 13:39:31 UTC Error while computing 2,467.68 2,360.33 --- ACEMD beta version v8.00 (cuda55)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Power outage destroyed results (Message 46441)
Posted 77 days ago by Profile skgiven
Can I move the BOINC directory to another drive? It's currently in my C drive and I don't want decreased performance.

Yes. I use smallish SSD's for most of my systems but on my W10 system the Boinc Projects (app/project data) folder is on a HDD. Basically, cut and paste the Boinc directory to the second drive (maybe backing it up along the way) and reinstall Boinc, pointing to the new directory -> the secondary drive. The executable will still be on the primary drive but all the reading and writing will be done to the secondary drive. Obviously disable the caching on the secondary drive!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 1 Work Unit Per GPU (Message 46381)
Posted 84 days ago by Profile skgiven
At present there are not enough tasks to go around & most/all WU's have high GPU utilization so the project doesn't benefit (overall) from even high end GPU's running 2tasks at a time. Considering the recent upload/server availability issues it makes even less sense to run more than 1task/GPU. I would even go so far as to suggest its time we were running 1 task across multiple GPU's (for those who have them) - something that would also benefit those with 2 or more smaller GPU's; assuming an NV-link/SLi isn't required. By the way, GPU utilization isn't the end all be all of GPU usage; apps that perform more complex simulations, that require more GDDR, and more PCIE bandwidth are just using the GPU differently; not more or less (one probably comes at the expense of the other).

When available tasks are exclusively low GPU-utilizing tasks, only then could the project benefit from high-end GPU's running 2tasks simultaneously.

PS. The Pascal app (cuda80) is different from the previous app (cuda65) which can run mixed GPU setups; the latest app is exclusively for Pascal's (GTX 1000 series).
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Gridcoin (Message 46380)
Posted 85 days ago by Profile skgiven
It's not a useful e-currency ATM & until you convert it into one (bitcoins) it's of theoretical value only. Also, it's value against the bitcoin is steadily falling, & there are very few conversions; not many people want to buy Gridcoins.
6) Message boards : News : WU: BNBS (Message 46379)
Posted 85 days ago by Profile skgiven
Well, even my PCIe2x16 conncected gtx1080 runs at pretty 95% per GPU-Z... which is a very pleasing figure. The BNBS accommodate the fast Pascal I presume and reduces the WDDM influence. Anyway, I am happy with the throughput.

Exactly. There's unusually little interaction between the CPU and the GPU by these workunits.

For comparison, I'm seeing 40% PCIe usage on my GTX1060-3GB running a PABLO_adaptive task (with the GDDR@8GHz & GPU at ~1950MHz on Linux; ~95% GPU Utilization. PCIe2 x16, while only running 1 CPU task on a tri-core AMD).

Well it takes him 11 days to complete a BNBS2, now it should take slightly over 24 hours, so over 10 times as fast. I like to exaggerate as well :)

If it takes over 5days there really isn't much point 'contributing'.

I'm sure it must be especially frustrating to you when completed tasks are queued up on volunteers' computers because the server isn't in a position to accept the uploads and/or reports, and then again because the BOINC clients have gone into an extended backoff because of the connection failures.

I've just manually retried and successfully reported two tasks which had completed overnight, and got replacement tasks on both machines: at least they started running almost immediately, so not too much time was lost.

The continuation of this problem calls into question the credit/bonus system, unless of course you don't value it much/at all. When crunchers complete work quickly but can't upload & report they miss the bonus because the server isn't available, & BM backs off the retries. It's not the fault of the cruncher, doesn't help the project get through work, or retain crunchers! GPUGrid Stats regarding the fastest GPU's/systems/contributors become fickle, further frustrating some crunchers.

But don't worry, there's only 2.5min to go!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Remote disable WU (Message 46300)
Posted 89 days ago by Profile skgiven
No. Change your password!
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Temperatures (Message 46283)
Posted 90 days ago by Profile skgiven
From a terminal,
    sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Scroll down the xorg.conf file until you see, Section "Screen" and add, Option "Coolbits" "12"

For example,

Section "Screen" Identifier "Screen0" Device "Device0" Monitor "Monitor0" DefaultDepth 24 Option "coolbits" "12" SubSection "Display" Depth 24 EndSubSection EndSection

Save the config file and restart.

On restarting open NVIDIA X Server Settings
Beneath your GPU (GPU0), select PowerMizer
To reduce the GPU clock by 96MHz under Editable Performance Levels, Graphics Clock Offset enter -96. Similarly, to reduce the memory transfer clock by 100MHz enter -100.
To set an audibly acceptable GPU fan speed click on Thermal Settings, Enable GPU Fan Settings and set the fan at something sensible (probably 60% or more) to test it. Keep an eye on the GPU Temperature, and adjust accordingly; so that it does not go too high. Up to 70C is usually fine (if not there's likely a problem with the GPU), if it's above that but below 80C adjust your settings or at least keep an eye on the temp and performance (look out for failures/system issues). If it's over 80C you could increase the fan speed further &/or reduce the GPU clock & memory clock further, testing as you go.

Note that you need to reapply settings after restarting or create an .sh file and enter the settings and set them to run at startup. For multiple GPU's you need to add coolbits for each GPU (under a screen) & you might need specific drivers (375.20). The above is what I'm using for one GPU with 370.28 drivers. Didn't get anywhere with nvclock - might be defunct with 16.04.

Your NV settings can be added to a .sh file, which can be set as an executable and added to the startup list:
Right click on your desktop and Create a New Document, Empty Document and call it nv.sh (must end in .sh).
Past in the following values (note these are for underclocking the GPU & memory and setting the fan), save and close the file,


nvidia-settings -a '[gpu:0]/GPUGraphicsClockOffset[3]=-96'

nvidia-settings -a '[gpu:0]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=-100'

nvidia-settings -a '[gpu:0]/GPUFanControlState=1'

nvidia-settings -a '[fan:0]/GPUTargetFanSpeed=60'

Right click on the nv.sh file and select Properties. Under the Permissions tab select Allow executing file as program and close it.
Search your PC for Startup Applications and then Add the nv.sh file to the list (located on the desktop):
    Name: nv.sh
    Command: /home/'username'/Desktop/nv.sh
    Comment: SetGPUandFanSpeeds

The settings will be applied automatically when the system starts up.

9) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GTX 10x0 Under utilised in GPU and RAM (Message 46023)
Posted 113 days ago by Profile skgiven
There is high GPU utilization with the BNBS tasks (98% on Linux) and they are less CPU restrained, reasonably high utilization with the short SDOEER_CASP22S tasks (91% on Linux/W10), but some of the others are closer to 80% and suffer more performance loss when the CPU is being used elsewhere. If you are getting significantly less than 80% then I suggest you try reducing your CPU usage as that's likely interfering with GPU performance. GL
10) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Long runs have too short deadline (Message 46011)
Posted 114 days ago by Profile skgiven
Requesting a constant supply of short tasks to greater facilitate the masses; when you're enhancing the project management of your 'free' DC-supper computer. We can't expect people to fork out £300 for mid-range GPU's, never mind £650 high end GPU's, only to encounter work shortages. Note my position on the price of the Pascals (it's too hight ATM) and position regarding system builds for here/crunching in general (wait until the competition is better).

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