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Posted 1 hour ago by Profile skgiven
Are the GERARD_CXCL12VOLK_ Work Units step 2 of the OPM simulations or extensions of the GERARD_FCCXCL work - or something else?

PS Nice to see plenty of tasks over the long weekend:
Tasks ready to send 2,413
Tasks in progress 2,089

Will these auto-generate new work?
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile skgiven
skgiven, backups to what?

Firstly what do you want to backup? Your files, the system or just create restore points and a last known good configuration?
If your i7-2600 system is on the same network, you could create a shared folder there and backup (some things) to it, or a USB stick/external drive, or even the cloud (possibly) - totally depends what you want/need to backup, but if the system is any use and you want to keep it as is then you should be backing up something IMO.

Setup Repair apparantly did the fix, but then told me that it had not been able to fix anything.

I know, I've been there, that's what it does automatically and not verbosely. It didn't perform a full repair, but would have fixed the MBR or boot settings. Maybe after that was fixed it didn't need to perform a full repair.

C:\Windows\System32\drivers contains many files, none of which have names that make them look likely to be Nvidia drivers.

The files will start with 'nv' and the 'File description' will tell you what they are, however if you have a working NVidia 362 driver then you don't want to delete them. For example,
    nvhda64v.sys (NVidia HDMI Audio driver)
    nvlddmkm.sys (NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, version...)
    nvraid.sys (NVIDIA nForce (TM) RAID Driver
    nvvad64v.sys (NVIDIA Virtual Audio Driver)

The date will tell you when they were installed.

Apparently, the program for creating restore points will create them only on the last drive you list as a place to put them, but the program for using restore points will ignore all those which aren't on the C: drive. So if you list more than one drive as places to put them, don't expect them to work.

Use the C drive for restore points. Backups are not restore points. You can backup the restore point. Normally full system (full metal) backups or just your files should be backed up to a second and preferably external/network drive (share). You might be able to extend C to a drive partition on a second disk (disk management), should that be needed and even if a restore point was on another drive (C became corrupt) you could copy the external backup to C (after repairing C). I'm not sure if you Want/Need to do any of that but it's an example of what I might do if I wanted to maintain the system. These are just a suggestions/potential advice. It's your system, so you can do what you want with it.
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile skgiven
Good to hear you made some positive progress Robert.
When you ran Setup Repair it automatically ran command line tools such as FIXMBR and FIXBOOT and that allowed the system to startup correctly.

I suggest you do some backups before doing anything else.

Sounds like the 362 driver is installed but if in doubt reinstall it again as suggested. I would delete the 365.19 download, any of it's extracted files, and make sure automatic updates are off, just in case it tries to install the same driver again.

On W10 the NVidia folder is,
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation

On Vista temporary locations where NVidia files are extracted/stored are,
C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Temp or windows\temp

The drivers are installed into the windows\system32 directory,
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My bad, there is no Ultimate version of W10 and thus you can't update to that but you can to W10 Pro. The Enterprise update (business range) is available if you have Software Assurance (or similar/whatever they may call it now).

One thing I can hopefully advise on correctly is that if you try to update straight onto new hardware (say you replace the HDD with a SSD and try to use the W7/W8.1 key) it will likely fail and you may need to reactivate your W7/8.1 key again before trying again. Better to keep existing hardware, update and activate W10 before changing the hardware (changing a drive might require you to install W10 again, but once W10 has been activated you can do this as many times as you need).

Back to the topic,
No issues with 368.22 Beta since it's been installed and the computer restarted, however the start menu didn't work properly immediately after the installation (which was a driver update rather than clean install). As with an earlier beta when I went to restart after installing the drivers I couldn't click on menu items, such as Power, Restart.
Used shutdown /r from a command prompt - just in case anyone experiences that problem.
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... and now will not boot, either normally or in safe mode.

Robert did say he's tried to boot in safe mode but that it wouldn't start.

I presumed he tried all the likely options but if Safe Mode only was tried I would try Last Known Good Configuration next and then Zoltan's suggestion - it's the one people forget to try, "Enable low resolution-video (640 X 480)". If it boots, uninstall/hack out the failed driver and install a working version, clearing the registry.

BTW Robert, Windows 7 Ultimate to W10 wasn't a free update last time I checked!
Ultimate is considered the Enterprise version, so you would have to pay for the upgrade.
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Posted 1 day ago by Profile skgiven
Robert, you may be able to perform a Repair Installation on Vista if you have a Vista media disk.
You might also be able to boot to a W7 disk and use some of the disk tools or commands to check for problems, or just boot to a command prompt and delete what you can of the driver.

You might also want to try removing and reinserting the GPU:
Turn the system off, remove the GPU, start up the system, let it fail. Turn it off again and then insert the GPU. When it boots up again it might detect the GPU and install default display drivers or prompt for the drivers.
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The thing with excluding bad hosts is unfortunately not doable as the queuing system of BOINC apparently is pretty stupid and would exclude all of Gerard's WUs until all of mine finished if I send them with high priority :(

The only complete/long-term way around that might be to separate the research types using different apps & queues. Things like that were explored in the past and the biggest obstacle was the time-intensive maintenance for everyone; crunchers would have to select different queues and be up to speed with what's going on and you would have to spend more time on project maintenance (which isn't science). There might also be subsequent server issues.
If the OPM's were release in the beta queue would that server priority still apply (is priority applied per queue, per app or per project)?
Given how hungry GPUGrid crunchers are these days how long would it take to clear the prioritised tasks and could they be drip fed into the queue (small batches)?
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I have 2 GTX 980 Ti's in my new rig. I have an aggressive MSI Afterburner fan profile, that goes 0% fan @ 50*C, to 100% fan @ 90*C.

One of my GPUs sees temps up-to-85*C. Another up-to-75*C. I consider the cooling adequate, so long as the clocks are stable. I'm working on finding the max stable overclocks, presently.

Example result:

So ... sometimes, a system just runs hot. Stable, but hot. All my systems are hot, overclocked to max stable clocks, CPU and GPU. They refuse to take their shirts off, and deliver a rockstar performance every time.

# GPU 1 : 74C
# GPU 0 : 78C
# GPU 0 : 79C
# GPU 0 : 80C
# GPU 1 : 75C
# GPU 0 : 81C
# GPU 0 : 82C
# GPU 0 : 83C
# BOINC suspending at user request (exit)
# GPU [GeForce GTX 980 Ti] Platform [Windows] Rev [3212] VERSION [65]

That suggests to me that the GPU was running too hot, the task became unstable and the app suspended crunching for a bit and recovered (recoverable errors). Matt added that suspend-recover feature some time ago IIRC.
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Posted 2 days ago by Profile skgiven
Doesn't bother cooling the $650 card either!

# GPU 0 : 55C
# GPU 0 : 59C
# GPU 0 : 64C
# GPU 0 : 68C
# GPU 0 : 71C
# GPU 0 : 73C
# GPU 0 : 75C
# GPU 0 : 76C
# GPU 0 : 77C
# GPU 0 : 78C
# GPU 0 : 79C
# GPU 0 : 80C
# GPU 0 : 81C
# BOINC suspending at user request (exit)
# GPU [GeForce GTX 980 Ti] Platform [Windows] Rev [3212] VERSION [65]
# SWAN Device 0 :
# Name : GeForce GTX 980 Ti
# ECC : Disabled
# Global mem : 4095MB
# Capability : 5.2
# PCI ID : 0000:02:00.0
# Device clock : 1076MHz
# Memory clock : 3805MHz
# Memory width : 384bit
# Driver version : r364_69 : 36510


Also clear that the user keeps a high cache level and frequently gets wonky credits:


PS. Running a GERARD_FXCX... task on my Linux system (GTX970), and two on my W10 system. Looks like Linux is about ~16% faster than under W10, and that's with the W10 system being slightly Overclocked and being supported by a faster CPU. As observed before, the difference is likely higher for bigger cards. So with a GTX980Ti it's probably greater (maybe ~20%) and with a GTX750Ti it's probably less (maybe ~11%).
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Posted 2 days ago by Profile skgiven
Thanks Jacob. For us non-gamers is there any particular reason to upgrade?

If it's not broken...

If your driver works (tasks all complete, no system issues) and you don't game then there is no need to upgrade the driver.
The present app uses CUDA6.5, which came out some time ago. If the project recompiled the ACEMD app to a CUDA 7.5 only app using the latest CUDA toolkit (now 8 months old) then some people might need to update their drivers to CUDA 7.5 capable drivers. Sometimes they do this in the lab only to discover that there is no benefit to the app so they dont release it and stick with their existing app; if it's not broken...

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