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Posted 49 days ago by Profile robertmiles
RNA World has been running into a problem with VM workunits: Once any computer has been detected as not supporting VM, it's very difficult to get that computer to check for VM support again with the current version of BOINC. They appear to be waiting for a new version of BOINC that fixes this before they start offering more workunits.

My computers have occasionally tried to run RNA World VM workunits. None ran properly yet, due to the VM support detection problem.

Another problem they have seen: The amount of memory used is built into the application, and cannot be adjusted as needed. This often makes it reserve much more memory than it actually uses.

Looks like you should hold off on offering VM workunits until a new version of BOINC has a fix to at least the VM support detection problem. Possibly also until a new version of VM offers GPU use support.
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Posted 68 days ago by Profile robertmiles
Why anybody would employ UPS for BOINC escapes me. If you are running something FAR more important fair enough.

Looks like you have never been interested in any BOINC project that hadn't managed to set up checkpointing yet, and had workunits much longer than the average length between even short power outages in your area.
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Posted 70 days ago by Profile robertmiles

This site will tell you what is compatible and what is not... as well as parts that have not been tested for compatibility.

I tried that site. It seemed to go well until it was time to pick a power supply; then its list of suitable power supplies that met the wattage limit was empty.
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Posted 70 days ago by Profile robertmiles
On another subject, do you know of any computer brands other than HP that will stand the 24/7 heavy use needed to run both GPUGRID and some CPU BOINC projects?

I build my own PC's and they all run 24/7 on various BOINC projects with no problems. I use standard motherboard brands: Asus/ASRock, Gigabyte or Biostar, whatever has the features I need for that particular machine. For reliability, the most important factors are the quality of the power supply and the ventilation, both of the case and the CPU and GPU.

For power supplies, I use Seasonic or more recently the Rosewill Gold models; you want a high-efficiency (90%+) one to minimize heat in the case and power supply. Also, get a good CPU heatsink/fan; I usually use the 120mm ones, but a good 92mm fan will work also. And the GPU should not only have a good heatsink and fan, but not be overclocked very much (they almost always factory overclock to some extent).

Finally, be sure to get a case with good ventilation, with room for a 120 mm exhaust fan at the rear and a 120 mm side fan blowing into the GPU.

But if you have real power problems, a good uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is also required; some projects do not tolerate crashes due to power loss very well. I now use the Cyber Power "pure sine wave" ones, since the provide a sine-wave output that works better with high-efficiency power supplies that use PFC (power factor correction) circuitry.

There is nothing wrong with HP; I have used them myself, but you can do better by picking your own parts.

How can I pick parts so that the motherboard, the graphics board, the power supply, and the case will be known in advance to work together, with NO metal cutting? That question is the main reason I don't choose the parts myself yet.

My power problems are mostly strong limits on how much total power my computers can use; I already use a UPS for each of them, since one of the BOINC projects they participate in has been know to have workunits run for 6 months with NO checkpoints.
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I found the information on how to find power supply ratings for HP computers where this isn't something you can choose when configuring the computer.

On the store.hp.com web page where you have selected which model of computer and would normally click Customize & buy, click Specs instead to find more ratings. Scroll down to Power Supply.

I've found an HP model with a power supply only a little above the maximum rating I was planning; I'm looking into whether changing the CFL light bulbs in my apartment to LED bulbs will free enough power to make that model acceptable.

On another subject, do you know of any computer brands other than HP that will stand the 24/7 heavy use needed to run both GPUGRID and some CPU BOINC projects?
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Posted 91 days ago by Profile robertmiles
Finally, an answer from the owner. All three of the buildings have only one circuit breaker for each apartment, and all three have no more room in the circuit breaker panels to add another circuit breaker.

Months ago, GPUGRID had a link to some company that offers computers with three GPU board slots. I've lost that link since. Their computers were offered mainly for gaming. Do any of you know which company that was?

I'm also looking at some HP computers that will have more CPU cores, each hyperthreadable. Hard to find information on how much power they would use, though.
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Posted 91 days ago by Profile robertmiles
My opinion is:
One day, energy will be both free and clean. One day, we'll want to utilize all the resources, because their "cost" (monetary, and environmental), will be free.

In the meantime... If I still had space in my rig to put my 400-series in, I would. And I still have 2 aging laptops doing useful work, including a Quadro FX3800M GPU. And I have a first-generation Kindle, which just sits there and does BOINC work, too.

So I guess my response would be: If there's a project out there that can put your resource to use, then it's still overall beneficial to help out if you can. The humanitarian projects can always use the help. And one day, the "cost" will be free.

If you want to use an old Nvidia-based card to help medical research, POEM@Home currently seems to be the best project to use it for.


I'd consider using more of my old graphics cards if I wasn't under too strong a power limit to add another computer that could use multiple graphics cards.
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A possible source of a large donation:

Global Impact Award

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Posted 184 days ago by Profile robertmiles
The QMC@HOME BOINC project used to have some quantum chemistry workunits available, before it moved to another university. Any relation to the GPUGRID quantum chemistry application?
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Make change to program to run 2 or more video cards in the same computer.

In the event viewer find the data directory.
8/1/2015 7:38:20 AM | | Starting BOINC client version 7.4.42 for windows_x86_64
8/1/2015 7:38:20 AM | | log flags: file_xfer, sched_ops, task
8/1/2015 7:38:20 AM | | Libraries: libcurl/7.39.0 OpenSSL/1.0.1j zlib/1.2.8
8/1/2015 7:38:20 AM | | Data directory: C:\ProgramData\BOINC



Simply make sure it says to use all gpus

My computer (running 64-bit Windows 7) doesn't have a C:programfiles(x86)/BOINC directory. It does, however, have a C:/Program Files/BOINC directory. What file within that directory should get the cc_config addition? Is anything else needed if the file doesn't already exist?

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