1) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : BOINC : New governance model (Message 41721)
Posted 1 hour ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Message from David Pope Anderson (Director of BOINC).
BOINC's funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation has ended, at least for the time being.
This funding supported me, Rom Walton, and Charlie Fenton.

Well, well, well...
I think this is a great opportunity for our friends at Bitcoin Utopia to show their skills in gathering funds for the development of the system they've exploited.
2) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Laptop temp and performance? (GTX 870m) (Message 41704)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Judging by the looks and its tech specs (dual independent fans, weight 4.8kg) this laptop is more like heavy artillery.
However, I would recommend you to crunch on it only when you are not using it, and you should stand vertically it on its left side (while the display is open), as this position would help to cool the laptop, since its bottom is not in contact with the desk. As far I can tell by the looks of this laptop, the intake of the cooler is under its exhaust, so maybe a laptop cooler stand would help more to cool this monster, than this side-standing position.
If you have 3 years warranty, then you should not worry. If they offer some warranty extension for this laptop, I recommend you to buy it.
You should regularly (monthly) clean the cooler's fins with high pressure compressed air.
3) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : CRUNCHATHLON GPUGRID [MONTHLY RUN] (Message 41703)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
They fixed my ADSL connection 2 hours ago...
4) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : CRUNCHATHLON GPUGRID [MONTHLY RUN] (Message 41695)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
My ADSL connection broke down Sunday afternoon (as it turned out all cabled connections in our apartment building are broken), so I have to transfer the tasks through my mobile phone, putting a USB wireless stick one by one into my hosts :)
The repairman said that he can't fix it on his own, so he'll come back tomorrow with his colleague and they'll have another try to fix it. So we don't know how much it will take...
5) Message boards : Number crunching : bigger GPU (Message 41676)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
my future plans are an upgrade . ya think I should wait . ?

You can upgrade your GPU now, but before you do so check the power supply's wattage and the number of PCIe power connectors it has.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : bigger GPU (Message 41674)
Posted 15 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
I have a x5460 processor in a p41 asus ddr3 ram board . would it feed this card ??

It would work, but the optimal CPU for this card would be at least a recent Core i3, as these new CPUs have integrated PCIe bus, while your CPU has the obsolete FSB architecture, which needs an interface chip (the northbridge) between the CPU and the GPU.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : GPUgrid disk writes 100GB+ a day, any way to reduce checkpoint frequency? (Message 41652)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
I've checked it on my hosts (with the built in task manager), and I've found that at 50% completion the acemd.847-65.exe app wrote nearly 3.5GB. On a host with a GTX 980 and Windows XP x64 it will write ~23.26GB every day. This much data will not shorten an SSD's lifetime significantly. However the GPUGrid app actually does not checkpoints according to the period set in BOINC manager.
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GTX 960 (Message 41650)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Every time I peak at my 960 it's doing a short run, is it just me?

It's probably set in your preferences that you accept work only from the short queue (perhaps it's the default setting and you haven't changed it).
9) Message boards : Server and website : Very slow uploads (Message 41645)
Posted 22 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*

Both speeds are very slow, but if you can download at 1.73Mbps surely your provider could give you more than 0.07Mbps upload bandwith.
Have you tried to ask them to change the ratio of your up&downstream?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Free hard disk for long runs (Message 41632)
Posted 25 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
The workunits still ask for 5*10^9 bytes (4.656GB) free disk space.
<workunit> <name>e2s4_e1s3f352-GERARD_FXCXCL12_LIG_15347362-0-1-RND2483</name> <app_name>acemdlong</app_name> <version_num>847</version_num> <rsc_fpops_est>5000000000000000.000000</rsc_fpops_est> <rsc_fpops_bound>250000000000000000.000000</rsc_fpops_bound> <rsc_memory_bound>300000000.000000</rsc_memory_bound> <rsc_disk_bound>5000000000.000000</rsc_disk_bound>

Is this really necessary, or is there an extra zero in this last parameter?

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