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price | price | Total USD | per core | DP 250W TDP 2880 core Titan Black 1000 | 34.7c | 960 (64 DP SMX enabled) 375W TDP 5760 core Titan-Z 1500 | 26c | 1920 (64 DP SMX enabled) 300W TDP 3072 core GTX 690* 519 | 16.9c | 128 (8DP core per SMX) 250W TDP 2880 core GTX 780ti* 419 | 14.5c | 120 (disabled 64DP SMX- driver enables 8 per SMX) 225W TDP 2304 core GTX 780* 319 | 13.9c | 96 (disabled 64DP SMX- driver enables 8 per SMX) 165W TDP 2048 core GTX 980 549 | 26.8c | 64 (4 per SMM) 145W TDP 1664 core GTX 970 329 | 19.7c | 52 (4 per SMM) 230W TDP 1536 core GTX 770* 239 | 15.5c | 64 (8 per SMX) 195W TDP 1536 core GTX 680* 229 | 14.9c | 64 (8 per SMX) 170W TDP 1344 core GTX 670* 179 | 13.3c | 56 (8 per SMX) 140W TDP 1344 core GTX 660ti* 159 | 11.8c | 56 (8 per SMX) 170W TDP 1152 core GTX 760* 159 | 13.8c | 48 (8 per SMX) 140W TDP 960 core GTX 660 134 | 13.9c | 40 (8 per SMX) 110W TDP 768 core GTX 650ti* 89 | 11.5c | 32 (8 per SMX) 60W TDP 640 core GTX 750ti 129 | 20.1c | 20 55W TDP 512 core GTX 750 109 | 21.2c | 16 25W TDP 384 core GT 630 37 | 9.4c | 16 *=refurbished

I've just made your spreadsheet more readable.
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I'm not experienced with Linux, but you should check the "Important news for Linux crunchers" thread.
You are right about that your drivers need to be updated.
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Today I've passed over 4 billion credits.
Congrats to RaymondFO* for passing over 3 billion credits yesterday!
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Well now I just discovered something interesting.
If you go to the Simple View in BOINC Manager (View -> simple View)
You can select a task a suspend it individually by selecting
Task Commands -> Suspend
This is most useful, now I can game/watch a movie etc without having to pause
crunching on both gpus.

if only this option was available in the 'Advanced view" :/

It is available in the Advanced view:

This method has a drawback: if you forgot to resume the task, it gets stuck, and the BOINC manager won't ask for new GPUGrid tasks.
To avoid this, you can make two cc_config.xml files, one for using both GPUs, and one for using only one, and two shortcuts to your desktop for copying the desired cc_config.xml to the BOINC manager's folder.
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I am using driver 334.89. NVIDIA tells me this is the latest driver for my two GTX 650Ti GPUs.

Not being particularly tech savvy, I can't do any more. Not sure what effect, if any, this will have on my ability to process after 1 January 2015.



You'll find the latest NVidia drivers (344.65) for your GTX650Ti for Windows 7 x64 on this page.

This is a direct link to the executable installer:

EDIT: eXaPower linked these drivers on the other thread, but I leave this post here if someone gets here first, just like I did.
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I'm asking myself, why is nVidia limiting the mem clock speed in P2? and why are they changing to P2 when ever CUDA or OpenCL is being used? It can't be low utilization (~50%, as in Heaven). Maybe they're using stricter timings in this mode, which might generally benefit GP-GPU more than higher throughput? This could explain why my card would take this clock speed in P0, but not in P2.

I think that stability is a more important factor than speed while using CUDA or OpenCL.
I had memory clock issues with my Gigabyte GTX780Ti OC, so perhaps NVidia is trying to avoid such issues as much as possible.
I've overclocked my GTX980 to 1407MHz @ 1.237V, the memory controller usage had risen to 56-60%, but it's still running at 3005MHz.
I'm not sure I can increase the memory clock to 3505MHz, as according to MSI afterburner my card is using 104-108% power.
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That is absolutely and exhaustively TLDR.
However - if you like - you can choose some further readings from this list.
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I had some fan failures too, and I've replaced the original fans with Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM low profile (90x90x14mm) fans.
To my surprise some of these failed (slowed) sooner than the original fans.
Low profile fans are less durable than the standard height (25mm) ones.

BTW this is my 1024th (2^10th) post :)
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Hi, Matt

Many thanks for your response. I have attempted to update my drivers as you suggest. I have not succeeded as Win7 reports my drivers are up to date.

I will search further...



The Microsoft update don't have the latest 3rd party drivers, you should check and download them directly from the vendor's website (http://www.nvidia.com, http://www.geforce.com), or download the latest driver with the vendor's updater application (GeForce Experience).
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Is it updated now? The database is showing me the same results as you see in performance tab.

Yes, it's up to date.
However there in an anomaly:
This workunit took 19181.034s to complete, however according to the performance tab, it took only 2.59 hours (~ 9324s).

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