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Posted 4 hours ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
GPU Grid seems to be out of tasks to be run. Assuming that's correct, ...

This project generates new workunits from finished ones, so while there is some workunits in progress you could receive a fresh one, however the probability of this will decline as the number of workunits in progress declines. The current workunits have two "steps", so it's possible that the queue will be empty in a couple of days (the time it takes depends on the slow hosts).

...I have a few questions:

Does this happen often? I haven't noticed it happening before.

It depends on the research actually running. It could happen in every 3-4-6 months.

Will it stay this way for an extended period?

It usually don't take more than a few days. The project's scientists could tell this.

Is there a way to have BOINC automatically get GPU tasks from another project only when it can't get any tasks from this one?

You should have the recent BOINC manager (7.4.42), and you should attach your host to another project, and set its resource share to 0 on the project's website. In this case it will get work from this project only when there's no work from your primary project.

Are there any other health-related projects people know of with active work available for GPUs?

Yes, there are: Poem@home, and World Community Grid.
Or you can contribute to folding@home, but this is not a BOINC project, so you should manually switch between them.

I say health-related because all projects seem to be in that category, deal with space, or work on pure math problems.

There are worthy projects from these areas, so if there's no work for a couple of days from here, you could set up a backup project from these.

If there's another category I haven't thought of, or a space or pure math project that has potential to bring real concrete benefits to people that has GPU work, I would definitely be interested in that.

You'll never know in advance what space or math science development will have benefits in everyday life, computing and the internet were such things ~40 years ago. My favorites are einstein@home and seti@home.

Thanks in advance for answers to any or all questions!

You're welcome.
The answers and the debate about your last question could fill an entire forum. :)
2) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GPUGRID on GeForce 8200M G GPU, driver 310.90 (Windows Vista 3GB RAM) (Message 41135)
Posted 5 hours ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Hi. I have an old PC with a GeForce 8200M G GPU. Are there WUs for this type of GPU?

Not anymore.
Anything below Compute Capability 2.0 (GTX 4xx series) is not supported since January 2015.
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Posted 14 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
I'm glad that you've figured it out, I've had the feeling that this is the issue.
BTW you can check the services running under Windows by the Task Manager, or by typing services.msc in the search box, and running it with elevated privileges.
You can stop, restart, start or disable/enable the services with this GUI, but you can't delete them. To delete a service you should first stop it, check its short name, and open an elevated command prompt, and issue the command SC DELETE <service_name>.
Deleting it from the registry is another method, but this could be dangerous when you use an overly general search phrase to find the keys and values you should delete.
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Posted 16 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Can you please paste the beginning of your log file when it works and after a restart when it doesn't.
If there's the line containing "Running as a daemon" then it runs as a service, otherwise this line is simply not present.
5) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : How to troubleshoot a new card? (Message 41047)
Posted 17 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Your log says:

5/6/2015 6:05:11 PM | | Running as a daemon
5/6/2015 6:05:11 PM | | Data directory: C:\ProgramData\BOINC
5/6/2015 6:05:11 PM | | Running under account boinc_master
5/6/2015 6:05:11 PM | | No usable GPUs found

The first line says you've installed the BOINC manager in "protected application execution" mode, that means it runs as a system service.
System services cannot access the GPU directly (as you can see in line 4).
You should see your user name in the third line, but since BOINC runs as a daemon (system service) it needs a user account which is not associated with a real user.
Reinstall BOINC to run under your user account, *not* in "protected application execution" mode.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : GPUGrid causes blue screen. (Message 40988)
Posted 24 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Your problem could be caused by insufficient power, so I would check all power connectors (MB+CPU+GPU) and then take one of the GPUs out, and test the system with GPUGrid. I would do a file system check and then I would try these steps.
BTW the GPUGrid app uses different parts of the GPU than a game does, so you couldn't validate your system for the GPUGrid app by testing it with games.
What is the exact type (and manufacturer) of your PSU? What is its efficiency rating (80+, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)?
7) Message boards : Server and website : Error list (Message 40973)
Posted 26 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
In my results I seem to have a very high number of errors v completed.
The errors date back to 3 Sep 2013 | 21:11:59 UTC while the completed only date back to 13 Apr 2015 | 10:34:05 UTC. Is there a reason for this?

Most of them are Android workunits for mobile devices, which were sent to your host by mistake.
It's not clear when these will be cleared from your list.
Finished batches are usually cleared from the history, regardless of their outcome.
The most recent four however could be caused by frequent restart of the client (or the computer).
8) Message boards : Server and website : Download stalled (Message 40963)
Posted 28 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Richard Haselgrove wrote:
The 'aborted' tasks have very strange workunit names:

Error tasks for host 190565

Other people have had problems with them too, but a couple have succeeded with 64-bit Windows hosts.

These are really strange names:

nanoprobe wrote:
Did a reboot. HDD is an enterprise grade Intel SSD that automatically remaps worn bits using wear leveling technology.

This is a basic feature of all state of the art SSDs (it's called by different names like "garbage collection"). "Enterprise grade" usually refers to the larger number of the write cycles could be done on a single cell of the SSD, or the larger number of the (hidden) spare cells (so called over provisioning). It has nothing to do with the errors of the file system on the SSD, so I still recommend you to check it on your disk: from command line: chkdsk /f, or right click on the drive -> properties -> check now -> "automatically check disk errors" -> restart (and don't press any keys for 10 seconds at OS startup).
Maybe it won't help, as I think that the root of this error is not in your PC, but in your internet connection. Probably the TCP/IP packets gets fragmented. It's usually caused by improper setting of the maximum transmission unit (MTU) size (it depends on the WAN network you use, it's usually between 1492 and 1500 bytes). If it's a networking error, then it could be in the hands of a 3rd party.
9) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : The milestone thread (Message 40926)
Posted 31 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
Congrats to RaymondFO* for passing over 4 billion credits yesterday!
That's 1 billion credits since 15. nov. 2014. (159 days).
10) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GTX660 - Error in all tasks (Message 40899)
Posted 37 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan*
It's not the same problem, as your failing workunits have many "The simulation became unstable" messages in their logs.
The most probable causes are:
1. GPU overclocking (either by the factory or by the user)
2. insufficient power supply
Try to lower your GPU's clock (or its power target - as it will reduce the GPU clock) with MSI afterburner or a similar tool.

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