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Posted 14 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
The server status page shows that there are tasks for "Short runs" and "Long runs", but I am not getting either of these tasks on my PC.

CUDA: NVIDIA GPU 0: GeForce GTX 760 (driver version 390.48, CUDA version 9.1, compute capability 3.0, 1992MB, 1545MB available, 2620 GFLOPS peak)

I am running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Nvidia driver 390.48.

According to this post, the present Linux app (v9.18) does not support cc3.0 cards (so called shader model 3.0, sm3.0). The older v8.49 app (CUDA6.5) supports cc3.0 cards, but there's only Windows version of this app. So you have to use Windows to make your cc3.0 card work with GPUGrid.
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Posted 18 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
@Stefan can you quickly describe for us what the Quantum Chemistry Work Units are doing and what you are learning from these work units?

See the "New Student and QMML Project" thread for a clue.
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Posted 27 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
the PSU is a 520 watt, 70 of which is fed to the CPU

Did you already take into account that the PSU is maybe 80% efficient? Which means there are ~410W available only.
Usually the total output power is the rating of a given PSU, so you did the math in reverse. If the given 520W PSU has 80% efficiency, fully loaded the 520W is the 80% of its power draw from the wall outlet (which is 520W/0.8=650W).

However it is not recommended to load a PSU above 50% continously, as most PSUs are the most efficient around 50% load, and they are not intended to have high load 24/7 (except for the professional/server/gold or higher rated product line.)

If the PSU has many 12V lanes, each lane has its own (lower) power rating for security reasons (overcurrent protection).

Molex to PCIe power connector converters are highly unrecommended.

About the original issue:

It's a DELL product, and they have very strict product specifications. If it's not stated expressively that this product supports two discrete GPUs, then it won't work with them. This limitation is probably preprogrammed in its BIOS.
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Posted 33 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
I've passed over 12 billion overnight :)
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Posted 35 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
There's no picture (the screen is black) on Windows 10 v1803 without monitor attached.
This prevents remote controlling of (my) standalone hosts. (I've tried RealVNC and TeamViewer so far.)
The previous version (v1709) was fine.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : WU stops responding (Message 49457)
Posted 41 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
Issues with recent drivers updates. Try uninstalling the driver, download a driver 2 updates back and do a clean install. Then see if the work units process correctly.
I don't have any issues with the latest driver (397.64). I think the stalling of the WUs is caused by frequent suspension of workunits. See this post.

Sidenote, you don't always have to update your drivers when a new one comes out.
Yes, but this way you can prevent Windows update from updating the GPU driver unexpectedly (without stopping the BOINC tasks, which results in failure).
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Do not use Nvidia driver 397.31 (Message 49437)
Posted 42 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
The v397.64 WHQL driver has been released, you can get it from NVidia directly.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : something changed linux: chemestry all erroring out (Message 49435)
Posted 42 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
These were 16 thread dual Xeon and at one time I recall having 14 threads assigned. Now I see only 4 and something is not working as before. These are small systems with 32gb flash drives and running 16.10 but that was not a problem before.

There's a bug in the app, which prevents more than 1 task starting simultaneously. When the task started successfully, you can start another task manually. Since there's no automated way for this, you should pause all but one task before you shut down your computer, then start them one by one. The other option is to limit the concurrently running QC apps to 1. Since this app uses only 4 threads (cores) you should utilize your other CPU cores with a different project.
To do this you should create / modify your app_config.xml file in the projects\www.gpugrid.net folder.

<app_config> <app> <name>QC</name> <max_concurrent>1</max_concurrent> </app> <app_version> <app_name>QC</app_name> <plan_class>mt</plan_class> <avg_ncpus>4</avg_ncpus> </app_version> </app_config>
9) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : Sli on GPUgrid (Message 49433)
Posted 42 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
So you mean that I can have 2 tasks, one per gpu?
However SLI caused some problems back in the GTX 480 era.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Do not use Nvidia driver 397.31 (Message 49412)
Posted 44 days ago by Profile Retvari Zoltan
Though I did not experience any problems with the 397.31 driver, I've updated to 397.55 as a precaution.
The NVidia download page still offers the 397.31, so this can't be a widespread issue.
However, you can download the 397.55 from here.

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