1) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc ver. 7.4.36 (Message 39729)
Posted 462 days ago by Profile MarkJ
Thomas, what language is your system using?

There was a bug around using character sets like cryllic, but not sure if its still open or not.
2) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : ELSA Single-Slot GTX 750Ti (Message 38418)
Posted 569 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I bought a bunch of GTS460 cards from ELSA when I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago. They tend to have a rather weak fan and can't keep themselves cool enough. The 750ti should be better as it doesn't produce as much heat but just something to watch for.
3) Message boards : Server and website : Virus (Message 38315)
Posted 575 days ago by Profile MarkJ
Virus scanners usually do false-positives (that is they report it as a virus even though it isn't). The usual solution is to exclude the BOINC data directory from your virus scanner.

If you think it may really be one (not likely because you are the only reporting it) submit it to VirusTotal and they will run it through a number of different scanners.
4) Message boards : Server and website : Not getting short WUs (Message 37266)
Posted 659 days ago by Profile MarkJ
You're missing the closing tag for <options> and you need an opening and closing tag for cc_config. If you want to debug the scheduler stuff set the sched_op_debug tags with a value of 1 so you can see what it's requesting and getting back. They go within the log_flags tags.

You will probably also need to restart the client as some flags can only be set when it first starts. The BOINC event log should show what flags are set at start up and any exclusions.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC v7.2.28 has been released! (Message 34007)
Posted 891 days ago by Profile MarkJ
BOINC 7.2.31 is now the recommended version. The only change since .28 was to suppress image display as part of notices. This was to correct an issue with one particular project where the images cause the manager to crash.
6) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : New GeForce BETA v331.40 drivers available (Message 33329)
Posted 944 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I've heard unconfirmed reports it fixes the 36 hour TDR issue.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Why am I getting TOO MANY WU's? (Message 32881)
Posted 965 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I believe you need a load on the intel VGA (or DVI) port. One way is to plug a monitor in. Another way would be to use a dummy vga plug. The way most bios's are set up is if they don't detect a device on the iGPU and you have another graphics card they simply disable the iGPU

Also if you get the intel GPU driver through windows update its not usable for crunching. You need to get the 'full' package from the intel download centre.

Probably a bit late but maybe it will help someone else.
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : All WUs on GTX660 failing (Message 31429)
Posted 1026 days ago by Profile MarkJ
Have just built a new system with a GTX660 with the intention of running GPUGRID (encouraged by another system with a GTX660 that is working well). So far all 4 WUs that I have got start processing but fail after between 2 and 10 minutes. I think they have all had the "Driver has recovered after stopped working" message in Windows which I guess is an indication that the GPU hardware has failed. Both the old and new cards are factory overclocked (old one 1006 (1072 boost), new one 1033 (1098 boost). Memory on both is 1502.3 (which I think is not overclocked). GPU Core clocks reported by GPU-Z when running are 1162.7 (new) and 1123.5 (old) respectively. The new 660 is fine running PrimeGrid (two concurrent - pegged at 99% busy according to GPU-Z). Environmentals on both systems seem fine (temp about 60 degrees).

I tried reducing the clocks on the new card to the same level as the old one (1006 (1072 boost)). Still failed (but did run for nearly 10 mins - longer than the others).

So does this look like I just need to keep backing off the factory overclock, or is there anything else to look at? Here are the two systems:

old (working) system: 145220
new (failing) system: 155065


I'd suggest drivers. I notice the failing system has an ATI as well as Nvidia card. From memory you had to install ATI driver first followed by Nvidia. Also get drivers from Nvidia.com or GeForce.com and do clean install, don't rely on windows to install drivers.
9) Message boards : Wish list : Donation (Message 29280)
Posted 1131 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I have just sent 500 euros their way. Given the situation in Spain (and around the euro zone) I am sure the project need whatever help we can send their way.

The donations page allows you to pay via a credit card or use PayPal.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Long Running NOELIA Short Run Task (Message 28927)
Posted 1157 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I just had a NOELIA_TRYP that was sitting on 100% for a fair while. I tried to suspend/resume it but it started back at the beginning, so I aborted it. It was a resend and my two other wingmen seem to have "error while computing".

Link to wu here

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