1) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC manager v7.8.2 has been released (Message 47892)
Posted 214 days ago by Profile MarkJ
In later Linux kernels vsyscall is disabled. I'm running Debian and can't go past the 4.9 kernel (without fiddling) due to it. Ubuntu 17.04 ships with the 4.10 kernel as default. My machines are Ryzen 1700 and running BOINC 7.8.2 from the Stretch-backports repo. See this thread at Einstein.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Why can't I get any WU or a response from managment? (Message 47822)
Posted 234 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I'm not management so this is my interpretation of the situation.

The project have previously stated:
1. They don't have any BOINC expertise any more.
2. Their current app doesn't work on CC3 devices (like the GTX770)

There was the question around who is going to fix it. Short answer is nobody. Without the BOINC person who would also be their programmer then there is nothing the project can do. Nvidia can't help because the project would need a programmer to provide technical details, source code, etc.

Unless the project can get a programmer then this isn't likely to change.
3) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : GTX 650ti work? (Message 47214)
Posted 340 days ago by Profile MarkJ
With two GTX 650Ti and two GTX660 Ti GPUs I have contributed to GPUGrid since February 2013. I regret that I can no longer contribute as all work fails on these cards. I don't have the expertise to resolve the problem and can no longer lift the PCs to take them to a friend for review/repair.


You're running 343 and 353 drivers. I think you just need to upgrade to a recent driver to get CUDA 8 support.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Discussion of Ubuntu 16.04-x64 LTS installation and configuration (Message 47071)
Posted 361 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I've been converting all my Windows machines over to Linux of late. I have been running Win7 but given I don't want Microsoft deciding how to manage my machines for me I went with Linux.

I've written a blog post with the instructions HERE describing how to get Debian going.

Why Debian? Its more up to date than Ubuntu - Ubuntu is based upon Debian. Also everything needed is in their standard repositories. No fiddling with driver versions and the like.

Regarding the problems getting the manager to connect with the core client I found that simply adding the password that's in gui_rpc_auth.cfg to the properties of the BOINC Manager icon was enough for it to work. No need to have two copies of gui_rpc_auth. I use a windows laptop that runs BOINC Tasks to control the crunchers but also have the manager on the desktop of each cruncher.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Tips for installing Windows 7 (to allow MS software updates) (Message 46413)
Posted 443 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I had 4 machines refusing to get updates. After I downloaded the msu files (stand alone installer) for each of the 3 kb's it got them all going again. 3 were W7 Pro and the 4th was a W7 Home Premium. The Microsoft fixit of course didn't fix anything.

Thanks for the details.
6) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : A Sad Goodbye (Message 43958)
Posted 644 days ago by Profile MarkJ
Tomba, you could have a rig running part time, say overnight if your electricity company has an off-peak rate. Sure its not as productive but you're still contributing what you can and your electric bill isn't as bad as before. Even if they don't have an off-peak rate you could run them part-time to minimise the cost.

As for lack of work units. I've been away from GPUgrid for most of our summer and autumn due to the heat. Its winter down here now (Sydney Australia) and finally cooled down so I have fired up my two GPUgrid machines with a GTX970 in each. Getting work units doesn't seem to be a problem. I am running a minimal cache on them (0.05 min and additional of 0.15 days). They download another work unit when they get to about 90% done.

I'll be dropping off again next week as I replace the two GPUgrid cruncher (but not the GTX970's).
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc ver. 7.4.36 (Message 39729)
Posted 1178 days ago by Profile MarkJ
Thomas, what language is your system using?

There was a bug around using character sets like cryllic, but not sure if its still open or not.
8) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : ELSA Single-Slot GTX 750Ti (Message 38418)
Posted 1285 days ago by Profile MarkJ
I bought a bunch of GTS460 cards from ELSA when I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago. They tend to have a rather weak fan and can't keep themselves cool enough. The 750ti should be better as it doesn't produce as much heat but just something to watch for.
9) Message boards : Server and website : Virus (Message 38315)
Posted 1291 days ago by Profile MarkJ
Virus scanners usually do false-positives (that is they report it as a virus even though it isn't). The usual solution is to exclude the BOINC data directory from your virus scanner.

If you think it may really be one (not likely because you are the only reporting it) submit it to VirusTotal and they will run it through a number of different scanners.
10) Message boards : Server and website : Not getting short WUs (Message 37266)
Posted 1375 days ago by Profile MarkJ
You're missing the closing tag for <options> and you need an opening and closing tag for cc_config. If you want to debug the scheduler stuff set the sched_op_debug tags with a value of 1 so you can see what it's requesting and getting back. They go within the log_flags tags.

You will probably also need to restart the client as some flags can only be set when it first starts. The BOINC event log should show what flags are set at start up and any exclusions.

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