1) Message boards : News : New publication: Complete protein–protein association kinetics! (Message 47405)
Posted 16 days ago by Toni
I have not been involved in the study, so I think I can objectively stress how significant it is. In spirit, it's broadly analogous to the characterization of interactions between drugs (small molecules) and proteins we pioneered in 2011 - except that this time interactions of proteins with proteins are addressed. On the one hand, this is many orders of magnitude more difficult, given the sizes and flexibilities of the objects involved; but it is extremely significant, because while the discovery of small-molecule inhibitors is somewhat relenting, intervening on relatively larger interaction surfaces is seen as a promising way ahead.

And, by the way, badges should have appeared by now :)

So, congratulations to authors and cruchers!
2) Message boards : Server and website : Email Notifications not working (Message 47256)
Posted 42 days ago by Toni
It should be hopefully fixed. Sorry for the delay.
3) Message boards : News : New badges! (Message 47168)
Posted 54 days ago by Toni
Fascinating, thanks.
4) Message boards : Server and website : SOS-Downloads stuck (Message 45978)
Posted 180 days ago by Toni
Should be solved - https://gpugrid.net/forum_thread.php?id=4466&nowrap=true#45967
5) Message boards : Server and website : hung up down loads (Message 45977)
Posted 180 days ago by Toni
Should be solved now. See here https://gpugrid.net/forum_thread.php?id=4466&nowrap=true#45967
6) Message boards : Server and website : Could we have a Server and WU situation update? (Message 45727)
Posted 196 days ago by Toni
Caffeineyellow summarized nicely. Of the three issues:

1. Server upgrade went as planned and is completed. There are still graphical glitches on the web pages, which we hope to fix with time. Addressing these has to be balanced with scientific tasks and available hands, namely point 3 below.

2. We investigated connectivity issues with your help, and reported them with data to the network admins. There is nothing we can do on the server.

3. Lack of workunits. Of course we would like to increase the amount and diversity of experiments done. This was the main reason behind the server upgrade. Properly preparing experiments however requires time and deep consideration. We are on it. I, for one, would like to prepare further experiments, but it's not something that can be done (properly) from one day to the other.

As always, we are REALLY thankful for your support (and patience).
7) Message boards : Server and website : Why are Downloads So Slow (Message 45574)
Posted 207 days ago by Toni
Yes, those download speeds are hard to explain. It has become a long thread in the news. I am inclined to think that they are suffering from the same problem as before, probably not related to the server itself, now aggravated by the increased traffic due to 1 day of stop.

8) Message boards : News : New server is running! (Message 45568)
Posted 207 days ago by Toni
WUs are created dynamically on the basis of the ones returned. We are not creating more yet because we are still testing.


9) Message boards : News : New server is running! (Message 45566)
Posted 207 days ago by Toni

I can download the cufft64_80.dll file in few seconds without problem. In windows or Linux.

Finally a positive report. However, there is no reason to use the ps3grid host name, it's obsolete. Whoever wants, please try both http and https.

Can anybody confirm (e.g. with netstat or similar tool) whether or not the boinc client is going through SSL?

10) Message boards : News : New server is running! (Message 45547)
Posted 208 days ago by Toni
what do you suggest, remove and join the project again in the Boinc project list?

Yes, imho (when no tasks are running).

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