1) Message boards : GPUGRID CAFE : Sony OtherOS refund (Message 43827)
Posted 99 days ago by Toni
For those still around from the PS3 times... :)

2) Message boards : News : Server performance (Message 40346)
Posted 577 days ago by Toni
Did the corresponding page in other projects also slow down? May be due to slower responses from external servers handling the CPID (namely boinc.netsoft-online.com).
3) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : AMD openCL work??? (Message 39749)
Posted 613 days ago by Toni
See here
. :)
4) Message boards : News : WARNING/CHALLENGE: VERY LONG WU (VERYLONG_CXCL12_confAna) (Message 39660)
Posted 617 days ago by Toni
I've raised the limit in the DB for VERYLONG WUs. I'm not sure whether such changes propagate to clients at some time.
5) Message boards : Server and website : Upload Problems (Message 37654)
Posted 775 days ago by Toni
An update: we have been freeing up space since Sunday night. The resolution is not instantaneous because:

1. deleting huge amount of files is slow
2. as soon as files are deleted, the freed up space is used by newly uploaded WUs.

So, please don't worry if things take some time to go back to normality.

The increase in required space is partly due to new WU types (e.g. the CPU experiments).

Addition of HD space has been of course considered, but with the current server it is sadly not possible for hardware reasons.
6) Message boards : Server and website : Upload Problems (Message 37646)
Posted 775 days ago by Toni
Believe it or not, dedicated people are working on the overworked server regardless of the time of the day. When the disk is full it takes time even to delete files.
7) Message boards : Server and website : Upload Problems (Message 37613)
Posted 776 days ago by Toni
freed up some space this morning.
8) Message boards : News : WU: THROMBIN (Message 37191)
Posted 824 days ago by Toni
Most pending WUs should be fixed. :)
9) Message boards : News : WU: THROMBIN (Message 37085)
Posted 834 days ago by Toni
No, it's a bug. Thanks
10) Message boards : Server and website : No mails from server - solved (Message 37051)
Posted 841 days ago by Toni
In the last weeks the server has not been sending mails to anybody. We are working to fix it.

Edit. Should be solved.

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