1) Message boards : Number crunching : Must set rsc_memory_bound correctly (Message 36035)
Posted 16 days ago by Toni
Hi Jacob, thanks for noting this in time. It affected the short WUs, and should be fixed for the forthcoming ones.
2) Message boards : News : Custom Android client (Message 35987)
Posted 18 days ago by Toni
Correct. You can either add other projects in the GPUGRID app (manually entering their URL), or vice-versa add GPUGRID in the official app (ignore the incorrect indication that GPUGRID does not support android). For now there is no other difference (icons apart).

3) Message boards : News : Custom Android client (Message 35977)
Posted 19 days ago by Toni
I think it's a batch of WUs created with wrong inputs. The application seems to be starting well though.

4) Message boards : News : Custom Android client (Message 35962)
Posted 19 days ago by Toni
It should be able to download and crunch CPU work from GPUGRID after you enter login and password.
5) Message boards : News : Custom Android client (Message 35930)
Posted 20 days ago by Toni
Dears, we are playing with a customized skin of the BOINC client. It attaches to GPUGRID by default (but allows you to add other projects manually).

Feel free to try the (unsigned) apk at www.gpugrid.net/download/apk/edu.berkeley.boinc.AndroidBOINCActivity.apk.

Let us know.
6) Message boards : Server and website : RSS Feed Error (Message 34035)
Posted 140 days ago by Toni
Which RSS adress are you using?
Edit: is it fixed now?
7) Message boards : Server and website : New publications - one link not working (Message 33958)
Posted 146 days ago by Toni
It was a typo in the DOI- now fixed :)
8) Message boards : Server and website : Passwordchange (Message 30701)
Posted 313 days ago by Toni

I think you go in http://www.gpugrid.net/myaccount.php (change password). Connected PCs should stay connected as far as i know, but please confirm.
9) Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : [Off topic] When water cooling is not cool enough (Message 30684)
Posted 314 days ago by Toni
A nice article on oil cooling.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : What should I ask my isp to determine image file verification (Message 30014)
Posted 335 days ago by Toni
From http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Advanced_FAQ

If you get repeated 'bad checksum' or 'wrong size' errors on downloaded JPEG image files, check the 'Skip image file verification' checkbox in your preferences. Typically this means your ISP is using something called UMTS, which does extra compression of JPEG files.

That would be very uncommon (I've seen it on narrowband mobile networks only).


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