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Message 23450 - Posted: 13 Feb 2012 | 12:54:16 UTC

Hi !
Select a GPU for exclusive use when you have 2 or more..

When you have more than 1 GPU crunching, it is ,bv now , not possible to select only one GPU for exclusive use for a given application.
If I want to suspend work for an application run time on GPU_0 but I want GPU_1 to continue crunching, it is not possible (Or may be I missed something ? )

Of course work should continue to be downloaded and executed on non selected GPUs even if work is suspended on selected GPUs.

The tags could look like :

<!-- Suspend work on GPU_x when myApp.exe is running -->
<!-- where x is a number starting from 0 -->

Thanks for your time
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Message 23498 - Posted: 17 Feb 2012 | 0:24:02 UTC - in response to Message 23450.

jlhal, So you would like to be able to selectively suspend one GPU in a multi-GPU setup, when for example you want to watch video, but keep using the other GPU(s) for crunching. Excellent idea, but I think this would need to be facilitated by Boinc.

I did suggest to Boinc developers that we be able to select the number of CPU cores to use when active. For example, use all CPU cores/threads when the user is not active and when the user is active use total number of cores - X. For GPU projects it helps to free a CPU core/thread at all times so for a GPU orientated cruncher they might want to use 7 CPU threads (i7) when the system is not in use and 6 when it is.

Another idea would be to reduce the portion of the graphics card being used. For example for a GTX580 tell it to use 480shaders leaving a group of 32 for the system/you. Perhaps this could even be done when you are using the computer and reset to 512 when you're not. I think this would be more doable on recent AMD cards than NVidia. Alas I very much doubt that anyone will actually develop this for Boinc.

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Message boards : Wish list : Exclusive application and GPU selection