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Message 1422 - Posted: 6 Aug 2008 | 13:35:43 UTC

As many of you know, GPU computing is here !

Currently linux is running in beta on GPUGRID with additional alpha testing on test project.
Windows is comming soon (Keep this secret for the time being). We just starting testing on the test project a few days ago.

I am particiapting in the alpha test. We have windows running and working using a modified client and installation, not something you want to do on a public release. We are waiting for the boinc developers to finish some boinc client changes, hopefully they will release a test verion today or tomorrow. If test with that go well, we will have a windows GPU app here soon.

So my question to those on the team that have attached here is:

What kind of GPU and O/S do you have ?

Are you willing to help test in alpha, we need someone to test on Vista, which I do not have, I'm only Windows XP (32bit). I suppose the project can just release it into beta here and hope it works. In alpha testing you sometimes do not get credit, which is the case here, credit is granted but it is not on the public project and may never get added to a stat site. Other times the work just crashes so little or no credit is granted but time is consumed. Just to let you know what to expect. I enjoy it as I get to preview new projects, help work out the bugs before the mass people join in. This is my contribution as I do not have the scientic background for something like protein research but in a small way contribute to society overall.

You should know the GPU project has been in development 2 months now. I initally did winodws testing, Stefan, you've seen him in the forums, did/does most of the linux testing. We both have provided input back to GDF whom is the developer behind PS3GRID and GPUGRID. He has been working closely with Dr.Adnderson of BOINC to get the client modifications needed done. So we all have conrtributed to the overall growth of BOINC.

So to start off, here's what I'm running currently

1 P4(HT)3.8GHz with XFX 8800GT @ 640MHz (Factory Overclocked) and Windows XP Media Center Edition

1 P4(HT)3.0GHz with XFX 8800GT @ 600MHz and Windows XP Pro
1 P4(HT)3.0GHz with XFX 8800GT @ 600MHz and Windows XP Pro

All are with 512MB of Memory

I also run 2 PS3's here and have been involved since the beginning, Yes I did a lot of early testing.

These XFX GPU's are single slot wide with what they call a fansink. Very well built. In my tests they run at about 138F with just normal use and jump to about 168-170F when running a GPU app. I monitored the temp overnight for a 12 hour run and it remained constant all night long on my home system. XFX brand comes with NVIDIA control panel and you can add on a performance tuneing option, no charge download, which adds temperature monitor with logging and the ability to under/overclock the GPU and Memory speeds on the board, plus some other diagnostic and tuning tools. At the moment though, My GPUs are running at the factory settings.

Here are some run times, although I have not run very many.
@640MHz has run 12h-54m to 12h-58min, 4 tasks so far.
@600Mhz ran one 12h-58m.
@600Mhz ran two at 13h-43m and 13h-44m.
I suppose the differences depend on other programs running. More work is running.

At home I have noticed some sluggishness from Quicken and another database program during screen refresh when a GPU task is running, but then again Quicken was not all that smooth before, the window flickers when it does it's redraws, so that is a quicken problem, but it is worse when a GPU task is running. Here at work I have not been able to tell any difference when a GPU task is running.
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